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User manual Canon, model PC-880

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. Do not let paper clips, staples, or other foreign objects fall into the copier or the manual feed tray. Also be careful not to spill water or flammable substances (such as rubbing alcohol, benzene or paint thinner) on the copier. If a foreign object or liquid comes in contact with a voltage point inside the copier, it could result in a risk of fire or an electric shock could occur. . Never lubricate any part of the copier with oil. Doing so will cause a machine malfunction. . Do not use any extremely flammable substances, such as aerosols, etc., near the copier as such a substance may ignite. Should the copier fail to operate normally, see pp. 46 through 54. If there is an unusual noise, smoke, or anything else which causes concern, immediately press the power switch OFF and unplug the copier. Then, consult your Service representative. Condensation If the copier is brought from the cold outdoors into a warm room, or if the room is rapidly heated, condensation may form inside the copier. This can adversely affect the quality of your copy images (e. g., copies are completely blank). When the copier is exposed to such conditions, allow at least two hours for the copier to adjust to room temperature before attempting to use it. INTRODUCTION Installation Precautions Copier performance is affected by environmental conditions. Please observe the following precautions when selecting a site to install the copier: L Avoid direct sunlight and place in a L Provide adequate installation space. cool location. Do not install the copier in front of a window that receives direct sunlight. Do not install the copier in a high temperature, high humidity location, such as in front of a heater or humidifier. Avoid abrupt changes in temperature and humidity, such as those caused by proximity to a heater. . Recommended conditions: Temperature of 20!C to 25!C Relative humidity of 40% to 70% L Provide proper ventilation. Allow at least 10 cm between your copier and the wall for the ventilation ports on the rear panel. Provide enough space on each side of your copier to allow for unrestricted operation. [PC880] Required space with the copy tray and the multi-stack bypass extended (W . D) : 800 mm . 448 mm [PC860] Required space with the copy tray extended (W . D) : 694 mm . 448 mm L Place on a flat, level surface. Avoid dusty locations, or locations where ammonia Do not install the copier on an incline or uneven surface. gas is emitted. . During use, the machine generates ozone. However, the amount of ozone generated is not enough to affect the human body. Nevertheless, if the machine is used for a prolonged period of time in a poorly ventilated room, or when making lots of copies, be sure to ventilate the room to make the working environment as comfortable as possible. L Power supply . This copier is designed only for use with a power source shown on the marking label on the back of the copier. If you are unsure if your power source meets these needs, check with your local power company. . Do not plug the copier into a multi-plug power strip. . Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. . If there is any unusual noise, smoke, or anything else which causes concern, immediately press the power switch to OFF and unplug the copier from its power source. Consult your service representative. . Allow enough space in front of the power outlet so that you can easily unplug the copier. . Maintain adequate space between the copier and televisions, radios, or other similar types of electronic equipment. . Do not install the copier near computers or other precision electronic equipment. Electrical interference and vibrations generated by the copier during copying can adversely affect the operation of such equipment. . Do not place the copier near televisions, radios or other similar electronic equipment. The copier might interfere with reception. Plug the copier into a separate power outlet and maintain as much separation as possible. Parts and Their Functions Main Unit Platen glass cover Platen glass Front loading cassette* * By using the optional universal cassette (250 sheets), in addition to A4 size copies, A5 size copies can also be made. Static charge eliminator cleaning brush Slide guides Multi-stack bypass (PC880) Single-sheet bypass (PC860) Right cover Control Panel Preset Copy Ratio display Lights to indicate the selected preset copy ratio. Exposure Adjustment lever Slide to manually adjust the copy exposure. Move the lever to the right to make copies darker and to the left to make them lighter. (See p. 33) Exposure Mode Select key Press to select Exposure Mode (Automatic Exposure Control, Manual Exposure Control, Photo Mode, Toner Saver Mode). Exposure Mode indicator Lights to indicate the selected preset Exposure Mode. Preset Copy Ratio key Press to reduce or enlarge using a preset copy ratio, or to return the copier to direct (100%) copying. (See p. 35.) INTRODUCTION Main Unit Main unit lever Lift to open the main unit for c...

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