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User manual Samsung, model GT-C5212

Manafacture: Samsung
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Icon Definition Signal strength / Call in progress SOS message feature activated GPRS network status EDGE network status Connecting to secured web page Call diverting activated Roaming In Home Zone service area In Office Zone service area 14 Icon Definition Icon Definition Icon Definition Icon Definition Synchronised with PC New voice mail message Bluetooth activated Normal profile activated Bluetooth hands- free car kit or headset Silent profile activated connected Battery power level Alarm activated Current time Memory card inserted Music playback in progress Music playback paused FM radio on One of the message Inboxes full New text message New multimedia message introducing your mobile phone New email message 15 assembling and preparing your mobile phone Get started by assembling and setting up your mobile phone for its first use. Install the SIM card and battery When you subscribe to a cellular service, you will receive a Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM card, with subscription details, such as your personal identification number (PIN) and optional services. To install the SIM cards and battery, 1. Remove the battery cover. If the phone is on, press and hold [ ] to turn it off. 2. Insert the SIM cards. 3. Insert the battery. Place the SIM cards in the phone with the gold- 4. Replace the battery cover. coloured contacts facing down. assembling and preparing your mobile phone 17 assembling and preparing your mobile phone Charge the battery Before using the phone for the first time, you must charge the battery. 1. Open the cover to the multifunction jack on the side of the phone. 2. Plug the small end of the travel adapter into the multifunction jack. With the triangle facing up Improperly connecting the travel adapter can cause serious damage to the phone. Any damages by misuse are not covered by the warranty. 18 3. Plug the large end of the travel adapter into a power outlet. 4. When the battery is fully charged (the icon is no longer moving) , unplug the travel adapter from the power outlet. 5. Unplug the travel adapter from the phone. 6. Close the cover to the multifunction jack. About the low battery indicator When your battery is low, the phone will emit a warning tone and a low battery message. The battery icon will also be empty and blinking. If the battery level becomes too low, the phone will automatically power off. Recharge your battery to continue using your phone. Insert a memory card (optional) To store additional multimedia files, you must insert a memory card. Your phone accepts microSD™ memory cards up to 8 GB (depending on memory card manufacturer and type). 1. Remove the battery cover. 2. Unlock the memory card cover. 3. Lift the memory card cover and insert a memory card with the label side facing up. 4. Close and lock the memory card cover. To remove the memory card, open the memory card cover and remove the memory card out of the memory card slot. assembling and preparing your mobile phone 19 Turn your phone on and off using basic functions Learn how to perform basic operations and use the main features of your mobile phone. To turn your phone on, 1. Press and hold [ ] . 2. Enter your PIN and press < OK> (if necessary). 3. Press < OK> and assign names to the new SIM cards. 4. Press < Next>. 5. Select a primary SIM card and press < Save>. To turn your phone off, repeat step 1 above. Switch to the Offline profile By switching to the Offline profile, you can use your phone’s non-network services in areas where wireless devices are prohibited, such as aeroplanes and hospitals. To switch to the Offline profile, in Menu mode, select Settings > Phone profiles > Offline. Follow all posted warnings and directions from official personnel when in areas where wireless devices are prohibited. Access menus To access your phone’s menus, 1. In Idle mode, press < Menu> to access Menu mode. 2. Use the navigation key to a menu or option. 3. Press < Select>, < OK>, or [ OK] to confirm the highlighted option. 4. Press < Back> to move up one level; Press [ ] to return to Idle mode. Customise your phone Get more from your phone by customising it to match your preferences. Adjust the volume of the key tones In Idle mode, press the Volume key up or down to adjust the key tone volume. Switch to or from the Silent profile In Idle mode, press and hold [ ] to silence or unsilence your phone. using basic functions 21 using basic functions Change your ringtone 1. In Menu mode, select Settings > Phone profiles. 2. Scroll to the profile you are using. 3. Press < Options> > Edit > Voice call ringtone. 4. Scroll up or down to a ringtone category. 5. Select a ringtone. 6. Press < Save> . To switch to another profile, select it from the list. Create a phone profile 1. In Menu mode, select Settings > Phone profiles. 2. Press < Options> > Create. 3. Enter a name for the profile and press [ OK]. 4. Customise the sound settings as desired. 5. When you have finished, press < Save>. Select a wallpaper (Idle mode) 1. In Menu...

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