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User manual LG, model BL40

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Auto retrieve -Choose whether to retrieve your new emails automatically. Retrieve only new -Choose whether to discard emails already downloaded previously. Advanced settings -Choose whether to use the advanced settings. SMTP port number -Normally, this will be 25. SMTP TLS/SSL -Choose whether to use TLS/SSL for outgoing server. 26 LG BL40 | User Guide Incoming server port -Normally, this is 110 for POP3 accounts and 143 for IMAP4 accounts. Incoming TLS/SSL -Choose whether to use TLS/SSL for incoming server. SMTP authentication -Choose the security settings for the outgoing mail server SMTP Username -Enter the SMTP username. SMTP Password -Enter the SMTP password. APOP secure login -Choose to activate APOP secure login for a POP3 account. IMAP4 accounts are always set to off. Once the account is set up, it will appear in the accounts list in your Email folder. Microsoft Exchange email account Email address – Enter the account email address. Server address – Enter the email server address. Username -Enter the account’s username. Password -Enter the account’s password. Domain – Enter the account domain(Optional). Auto push – Choose whether to use Push Email. Now your account is set up, it will appear in the list of accounts in your Email folder. Mail days to sync – Choose period to sync emails. Sync items -Choose whether to use Sync items(Contacts,Schedule s,Tasks). Contacts -Select sync Contacts. Schedules -Select sync Schedules. Tasks -Select sync Tasks. Use SSL – Choose whether to use SSL for Microsoft Exchange. Messaging Internet Profile – Choose your internet Profile. Save in sent – Choose whether to save your sent emails to the server. Retrieving your email You can automatically or manually check your account for new emails. To check manually: 1 Touch from the home screen, and scroll through the Communication tab. Email from 2 Select Email. 3 Touch the account you want to use then . 4 Choose Retrieve/Message synchronisation and your BL40 will connect to your email account and retrieve your new messages. Sending an email using your new account 1 Touch from the home screen, 28 LG BL40 | User Guide and scroll to Email-Write email on the Communication tab to open a new blank message. 2 Enter the recipient’s address and write your message. You can also attach images, videos, audio files and other file types. 3 Touch Send email to send your email. TIP! During an active Wi-Fi connection, emails are sent and received via Wi-Fi. Changing your email settings You can change your email settings based on your own preferences. 1 Touch from the home screen, and scroll through Email from the Communication tab. 2 Select and scroll to Email settings. 3 You can alter the following settings: Email accounts -Manage your email accounts. Allow reply email -Choose whether to allow read confirmation messages to be sent. Request reply email -Choose whether to request read confirmation messages. Retrieve interval -Select how often your BL40 checks for new email messages. Retrieve amount -Choose the number of emails to be retrieved at one time. Include message in fwd & reply -Select whether to include the original message in your reply. Include attachment -Select whether to include the original attachment in any reply. Auto retrieval in roaming - Choose whether to retrieve messages automatically when abroad (roaming). New email notification -Choose whether to be alerted about a new email without a pop-up message. Signature -Create an email signature and switch this feature on. Priority -Choose the priority level of your email messages. Mail sending size -Choose the size of email you send. Using templates Create templates for the SMS and MMS messages you send most often. There are already some templates on the phone, which you can edit. 1 When writing a new message, you can enter Insert Templates from in option menu. 2 Choose SMS Template or MMS Template. You can then touch to New template, Delete or Messaging Delete all templates. To edit a message just select it, make your changes and touch Save. Using emoticons Liven up your messages using emoticons. There are some commonly used emoticons already on your phone. You can add a new emoticon by touching New emoticon. Changing your text message settings These settings can be changed based on your preferences. Scroll through Messaging from the Communication tab. Touch then choose Message settings and Text message. You can change the following: Text message centre -Enter the details of your message centre. Delivery report -Slide the switch left to receive confirmation that your messages have been delivered. Validity period -Choose how long your messages are stored at the message centre. Message types -Convert your text into Voice, Fax, X.400 or Email. Character encoding -Choose how your characters are encoded. This impacts on the size of your messages and therefore on your data charges. Send long text as -Choose to send long messages as Multiple SMS or MMS. Changing your multimedia mess...


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