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User manual LG, model LGE612

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This is useful if you need to reject a call during a meeting. • Call forwarding - Choose whether to divert all calls when the line is busy, when there is no answer or when you have no signal. • Call barring - Select when you would like calls to be barred. Enter the call barring password. Please check with your network operator about this service. • Call duration - View the duration of calls including all calls, dialled calls, received calls and last call. • Call costs - View the charges applied to your calls. (This service is network dependent; some operators do not support this function.) • Additional settings - This lets you change the following settings: • Caller ID - Choose whether to display your number on an outgoing call. • Call waiting - If call waiting is activated the handset will notify you of an incoming call while you are on the phone (depending on your network provider). < More ... > • Airplane mode - After switching to airplane mode, all wireless connections are disabled. • Wi-Fi Direct - Activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature to connect two devices via a WLAN without requiring an access point. Refer to the Wi-Fi information for more details => page 30 Settings • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot - Activate the Portable WLAN hotspot feature to share your device’s mobile network connection with PCs or other devices through the WLAN feature. • Configure Wi-Fi hotspot: Configure network settings for your WLAN hotspot. • Timeout: Set the time for the portable hotspot timeout. • Help: View information about using the tethering features. • VPN settings - Displays the list of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that you've previously configured. Allows you to add different types of VPN. NOTE: You must set a lock screen PIN or password before you can use credential storage. • Mobile networks - Set options for data roaming, network mode & operators, access point names (APNs) and so on. • Data enabled: Set to enable data access over a mobile network. • Data roaming: Set the device to connect to another network when you are roaming or your home network is not available. • Network mode: Select a network type. • Access point names: Set up access point names (APNs). • Use only 2G networks: Select a network type. • Network operators: Search for available networks and select a network for roaming. DEVICE < Sound > • Sound profile - You can choose from Sound, Vibrate only or Silent. • Volumes - You can manage the volume of music, video, games, other media, and ringtones & notifications. See ‘Touch feedback & system’. RINGTONE & NOTIFICATIONS • Phone ringtone - Allows you to set your default incoming call ringtone. • Notification sound - Allows you to set your default notification sound. • Ringtone with vibration - Vibration feedback for calls and notifications. • Quiet time - Set times to turn off all sounds except alarm and media. TOUCH FEEDBACK & SYSTEM • Dial pad touch tones - Allows you to set the phone to play tones when using the dialpad to dial numbers. • Touch sounds - Allows you to set your phone to play a sound when you touch buttons, icons and other onscreen items that react to your touch. • Screen lock sound - Allows you to set your phone to play a sound when locking and unlocking the screen. < Display > • Brightness - Adjust the screen brightness. • Auto-rotate screen - Set to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone. • Screen timeout - Set the time for screen timeout. • Font size - Change the display size. • Front key light - Set the front key LED time. < Home screen > Home screen - Select a background image for the Home screen. You can set the Animation, Screen effect or Wallpaper. < Lock screen > Set how to unlock the screen. • Select screen lock - Set an unlock pattern to secure your phone. This opens a set of screens that guide you through drawing a screen unlock pattern. • None: Disable the screen lock. • Swipe: Set to use the screen lock without a PIN, password, pattern, or face detection. • Pattern: Set an unlock pattern to unlock the screen. • PIN: Set a PIN (numeric) to unlock the screen. • Password: Set to display your own message for the locked screen. < Storage > View memory information for your device and memory card. You can also format the USB storage and the memory card. WARNING Formatting a memory card will permanently delete all data from the memory card. • INTERNAL STORAGE - View the internal storage usage. • SD CARD - Check total available SD card space. Touch Unmount SD card for safe removal. Erase SD card if you want to delete all data from the SD card. < Power Saver > Here you can manage the battery and check the power saving items. You can also check the battery usage. • Turn Power saver on: Activate power saving mode to limit some system resource usage. Settings • Power saver tips: Learn how to reduce battery consumption by using the power saving items. POWER SAVING ITEMS Set to activate power saving mode according to your custom settings. BATTERY INFORMATION View the amou...

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