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User manual Frigidaire, model Elite 5 KG

Manafacture: Frigidaire
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manual abstract

Manual setting/advancement should not be done during programme run. q Washing, Soaking Rinsing and Spinning can be seen through the porthole door. q At any moment the position of the knob with respect to its start position shows how far the programme has advanced. q The starting point is just beyond the thick line on the Facia. Switching Off The Machine q The wash ends automatically at the end of each programme at the thick line. q To switch the machine OFF release the START button. q The indicator lamp goes off. q Porthole door can be opened after 90 seconds of switching off the machine. q Remove clothes from inside the machine q Leave door slightly ajar to dry out the inside of the machine. Check Points Before switching your machine ‘ON’ check... q The machine is plugged in and switched on to a 220V, 50 Hz supply with proper earthing. q The water inlet stopcock is fully open. q The hoses are not bent or twisted. q Dry clothes are loaded into the machine drum, and door is closed firmly with a ‘click’. q The required amounts of detergents and fabric conditioner are filled in their respective compartments. q The Water Save Device Button, spin speed selector Button, No spin button, Eco button, is pressed if required. q The programme Selector knob is turned to the appropriate programme position in a clockwise direction only. This is very important. q The Coin Trap/ drain hose is not open. q Start Button is pressed. 30 Water Save Device Button (wsd) “Water Save Device” button provides an option for Reducing 15 -25% of water for Small laundry of medium and less soiled clothes. q Do not use this option in the case of Curtains, Bedsheets, & extra delicate fabrics etc. No Spin Button qpressed, the machine When this button is will not spin during spinning duration and programme continues further. qDepending on circumstances and type of fabric, or to reduce creasing this option should be used. Spin Speed Selector Button qThis button provides option for selecting lower spin speed during cotton wash programme. q Clothes spin dry at 600rpm when button is pressed. q It is advantageous to use lower spin speeds when high spin drying is not really required. It reduces stress on fabrics and rotating parts. Start / Stop Button q To switch ON the machine Press this button, Indicator lamp will glow to indicate the machine powered. q To switch OFF the machine release the START BUTTON Indicator lamp will glow OFF. 15 WSD No Spin 800 600 Start Stop Indicator Lamp Ironing The number of dots indicate the maximum recommended temperature qlamp glows the machine is Red when 0 Max 200 C, switched ON and switches OFF when 0 Max 150 C, machine is switched OFF. 0 Max 110 C, Non - iron Temperature Selector Knob Dry Cleaning A circle symbolizes dry cleaning. q Temperature to be set only if a hot wash is articles normal for dry cleaning in all solvents. required,otherwise there will be a cold wash articles normal for dry cleaning in perchloroethylene, white spirit, Solvent 113 and Solvent 11 Cold in position ‘cold ‘. article normal for dry cleaning in fluorocarbon 113 or white spirit. 30 do not dry clean. 90 q0 50 40 Temperatures can be selected between 30 85 0 C -90 C depending on fabric type. 70 60 Bleaching Temperature C A triangle symbolizes bleaching q KNOB SHOULD NOT BE TURNED bleaching 0 BEYOND 90 C IN THE CLOCKWISE do not bleach DIRECTION. Drying Programme Selector Knob A rectangle symbolizes drying suitable for tumble-drying qselect the right programme as per To the fabric being washed and extent of Prewash Cotton/Linen do not tumble-dry Woolens Pump Additives Normal Ri ight Wash Quick soilage. Short Spin qAdditives LLong Spnse icates Rinse A choice of 30 programmes is available Wool Rinse Additives 0 to wash different kinds/loads of clothes. Del in Garments labeled as “ Machine Washable” can be washed in wool wash cycle at a temperature of 40 C Normal Prewash qselection be done Synthetics/Polyester Programme should before the machine is switched ON. qone can be selected Only programme at a time. qthe starting point in a programme Only needs to be selected,thereafter the machine runs through the cycle automatically. 16 29 q If for any reason you wish to change the programme after the Wash Load Guide wash process has begun -just switch OFF the machine -set Sheets Pajama/Kurta 400gms Bedspread 3kgCotton (D) 1kg Shirt Blankets (S) 500gms Cotton 280gms Wool 2.0kgOthers 200gms acrylic 1.5kg Other than Coton (D) 650gms Blouse: Sweaters(Wool) 400gms(S) 400gms cotton 140gms other heavy weight 300gms Pillow slips: others Sarees: 100gms light weight 150gms Cotton 110gms Cotton 650gms Cotton vests 100gmsothers 85gms Synthetics 350gms Underslip 100gms Panties 60gmsBath towels 600gms Socks: Skits 200gmsHand Towels 260gms long(2pair) 150gms Trousers 250gms Tablecloths: short(2pair) 85gms jeans 400gms small 230gmslarge 600gms Hankies (6) Napkins(1doz) 85gms 1.1kgsTable Napkins (4) 150gms Lungi/Dhoti 200gms the desired programme and re-start. q Knob...

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