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User manual Hotpoint-Ariston, model AVTL 104

Manafacture: Hotpoint-Ariston
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Photos and specs  Hotpoint-Ariston  AVTL 104
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manual abstract

The free end of the hose should not be underwater. Warning! The company denies all liability if and when these norms are not respected. The first wash cycle Once the appliance has been installed, and before you use it for the first time, run a wash cycle with detergent and no laundry, setting the 90°C programme without a pre-wash cycle. ! We advise against the use of hose extensions; in case of absolute need, the extension must have the same diameter as the original hose and must not exceed 150 cm in length. Electric connection Before plugging the appliance into the mains socket, make sure that: • the socket is earthed and in compliance with the applicable law; • the socket is able to sustain the appliance's maximum power load indicated in the Technical details table (on the right); • the supply voltage is included within the values i ndicated on the Technical details table (on the right); • the socket is compatible with the washing machine's plug. If this is not the case, replace the socket or the plug. ! The washing machine should not be installed in an outdoor environment, not even when the area is sheltered, because it may be very dangerous to leave it exposed to rain and thunderstorms. Technical details Model AVTL 1 04 Dimensions 40 cm wide 85 cm high 60 cm deep Capacity from 1 to 5 kg Electric connections Please refer to the technical data plate fixed to the machine. Water connections maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) minimum pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar) drum capacity 42 litres Spin speed up to 1000 rpm Control programmes according to EN 60456 directive programme 3; temperature 60°C; run with a load of 5 kg. 2 This appliance is compliant with the following European Community Directives: - 89/336/CEE of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent amendments - 2006/95/CE (Low Voltage) - 2002/96/CE 3 Washing machine description Control panel SPIN SPEED knob TEMPERATURE knob ON/OFF key LID LOCKED LED 0 o LEDs START/RESET key FUNCTION keys "Bei- programme knob Detergent dispenser to add detergent and fabric softener (see page 8). LEDs to find out which wash cycle phase is under way. If the Delay Timer function has been set, the time left until the programme starts will be indicated (see page 5). SPIN SPEED knob to set the spin speed or exclude the spin cycle completely (see page 7). FUNCTION keys to select the functions available. The button corresponding to the function selected will remain on. TEMPERATURE knob to set the temperature or the cold wash cycle (see page 7). ON/OFF key to turn the washing machine on and off. START/RESET key to start the programmes or cancel incorrect settings. ON-OFF/LID LOCK led ,to find out whether the washing machine is on (flashing) and if the lid may be opened (see page 5). PROGRAMME knob to set the programmes (see page 6). The knob stays still during the cycle. i-O ON-OFF/LID LOCK led: If this LED is on, the appliance Lid is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally; to avoid any damages, you must wait for the lamp to flash before you open the Lid. ! The rapid flashing of the ON-OFF/LID LOCK Led together with the flashing of at least one other LED indicates there is an abnormality (see page 11). 4 H Hotpoint ARISTON How to open and to close the drum GB A) Opening (Fig. 1). Lift the external lid and open it completely. B) Then open the drum using both hands as shown in Fig. 2: - press the button indicated by the arrow in Fig. 2 lightly downwards, with one hand firmly resting on the doors to prevent them from suddenly opening and hurting your fingers; - therefore follow the appliance doors along as these unhook and open easily. C) Loading the washing machine. (Fig. 3). D) Shutting (Fig. 4). - close the drum fully by first shutting the front door followed by the rear one; - then ensure the hooks on the front door are perfectly housed within the seat of the rear door; - after the hooks have clicked into position, press both doors lightly downwards to make sure they do not come loose; - finally shut the external lid. Leds The LEDS provide important information. This is what they can tell you: Cycle phase under way: During the wash cycle, the LEDs gradually illuminate on to indicate the cycle phase under way: Prewash a Wash CD Rinse CD Spin cycle Note: during draining, the LED corresponding to the Spin cycle phase will be turned on. Function keys The FUNCTION KEYS also act like LEDS. When a function is selected, the corresponding button is illuminated. If the function selected is incompatible with the programme set, the button will flash and the function will not be enabled. If you set a function that is incompatible with another function you selected previously, only the last one selected will be enabled. 5 Starting and Programmes Briefly: starting a programme 1. Switch the washing machine on by pressing button All the LEDS will light up for a few seconds and t...


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