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User manual Hotpoint-Ariston, model AQ9D 29 I

Manafacture: Hotpoint-Ariston
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Photos and specs  Hotpoint-Ariston  AQ9D 29 I
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manual abstract

If the washing machine is sold, given away or moved, please ensure the manual is kept with the machine, so that the new owner may benefit from the advice contained within it. ! Read these instructions carefully: they contain vital information relating to the safe installation and operation of the appliance. ! Inside the pack containing this manual, you will also find the guarantee and all the details necessary for installation. Unpacking and levelling Unpacking 1. Once you have removed all the packaging from the washing machine, make sure it has not been damaged during transportation. If it has been damaged, contact the retailer and do not proceed any further with the installation process. 2. Remove the 4 protective screws (used during transportation) and the corresponding spacer, located on the rear part of the appliance (see figure). 3. Close off the holes using the plastic plugs supplied in the pack. 4. Keep all the parts in a safe place; they will be needed again if the washing machine is moved to another location, to prevent the inside of the appliance being damaged. ! Packaging materials should not be used as toys for children. Levelling 1. Place the washing machine on a flat sturdy floor, without resting it up against walls or cabinets. 2. If the floor is uneven, the front feet of the machine may be adjusted until it reaches a horizontal position (the angle of inclination must not exceed 2 degrees). ! If the appliance is levelled correctly, it will be more stable and much less likely to cause vibrations and noise while it is operating, particularly during the spin cycle. ! If it is placed on carpet or a rug, adjust the feet in such a way as to allow a sufficient ventilation space underneath the washing machine. Connecting the electricity and water supplies Connecting the water inlet hose ! Before connecting the inlet hose to the water supply, run the water until it is perfectly clear 1. Connect the inlet hose to the machine by screwing it onto the cold water inlet of the appliance, which is situated on the top right-hand side of the rear part of the appliance (see figure). 2. Connect the inlet hose by screwing it to a cold water tab using a 3/4 gas threaded connection (see figure). 3. Make sure that the hose is not folded over or bent. ! The water pressure at the tap must fall within the values indicated in the Technical data table (see next page). ! If the inlet hose is not long enough, contact a specialised shop or an authorised technician. ! Never use second-hand or old inlet hoses; use the products supplied with the machine. 2 H Hotpoint ARISTON Connecting the drain hose Connect the drain hose to drain duct piping or a wall drain located between 65 and 100 cm above the floor, making sure it is not bent at all. ! Do not use extension cords or multiple sockets. ! The cable should not be bent or compressed. ! The power supply cable and plug must only be replaced by authorised technicians. Warning! The company shall not be held responsible in the event that these regulations are not respected. Alternatively, rest the drain hose on the side of a washbasin or bathtub, fastening the duct supplied to the tap (see figure). The free end of the hose should not be underwater. ! We advise against the use of hose extensions; if it is absolutely necessary, the extension must have the same diameter as the original hose and must not exceed 150 cm in length. Electrical connections Before plugging the appliance into the electricity socket, make sure that: • the socket is earthed and complies with all applicable laws; • the socket is able to withstand the maximum power load of the appliance as indicated in the Technical data table (see opposite); • the power supply voltage falls within the values indicated in the Technical data table (see opposite); • the socket is compatible with the plug of the appliance. If this is not the case, have the socket or the plug replaced. ! The machine must not be installed outdoors, even in covered areas. It is extremely dangerous to leave the appliance exposed to rain, storms and other weather conditions. ! The mains socket must remain within easy reach after the washing machine has been installed. Technical data Model AQ9D 29 I Dimensions width 59,5 cm height 85 cm depth 64,5 cm Capacity from 1 to 9 kg Electrical connections please refer to the technical data plate fixed to the machine Water connections maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) minimum pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar) drum capacity 62 litres Spin speed up to 1200 rotations per minute Energy rated programmes according to regulation EN 60456 programme ; temperature 60°C; using a load of 9 kg. Ci X This appliance conforms to the following EC Directives: - 89/336/EEC dated 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent modifications - 2006/95/EC (Low Voltage) - 2002/96/EC 3 Description of the machine CONTROL PANEL PORTHOLE DOOR DETERGENT DISPENSER DRAWER The detergen...


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