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User manual Bosch, model WAA28165GB/11

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. Be careful when opening the detergent drawer while the machine is in operation. 7 Programmes °C max. Type of laundry Additional functions; informationCottons 30, 40, 60, 90 °C 5 kg Hard-wearing fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics madeof cotton or linen .., Express WashIntensive Stains 60 °C +Prewash 60 °C Easy-Care 30, 40, 60 °C 2.5 kg Easy-care fabrics made of cotton, linen, syntheticfibres or blended fabrics .., Express Wash Delicates 30 °C 2 kg For delicate, washable fabrics, e.g. made of silk,satin, synthetic fibres or blended fabrics (e.g. cur-tains) .., Express WashNo spin betwee n rinse cycles Wool ..cold, 30 °C Hand..or machine-washable fabrics made of woolor containing wool Particularly gentle wash pro gramme to prevent shrinkage oflaundry. Longer programme breaks (fabrics rest in the detergent solution) Additional programmes R inse , Spin , Drain..Programmes without prewash -add detergent to compartment II, programmes with prewash -distribute the deter gent between compartments I and II. 0110 / 9000527535 WAA28165GB Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbHCarl-Wery-Str. 3481739 Munchen / G ermanyConsumption values Programme Load Electricity consumption** Water** Programme duration** Cottons 30 °C* 5 kg 0.31 kWh 54 l 100 min Cottons 40 °C* 5 kg 0.55 kWh 54 l 100 min Cottons 60 °C* 5 kg 0.80 kWh 54 l 115 min Cottons 60 °C Intensive Stains* 5 kg 0.85 kWh 41 l 175 min Cottons 90 °C 5 kg 1.90 kWh 61 l 110 min Easy-Care 40 °C* 2.5 kg 0.45 kWh 50 l 75 min Delicates 30 °C 2 kg 0.30 kWh 55 l 50min Wool ..30 °C 2 kg 0.20 kWh 35 l 55 min * Programme setting for testing in accordance with valid standard EN60456. Note on comparative tests: For testing the test programmes, wash the specified load using the maximum spin speed. ** The values deviate from the indicated values depending on water pressure, hardness, and inlet temperature, ambient temperature, type, amount and soiling of the laundry, detergent used, fluctuations in the power supply and selected additional functions. 8 Overview of programmes ..Refer to the table of consumption values on page 8 and notes on page 6. 9Before washing for the first time Do not load any laundry into the machine. Turn on the tap. Add the following to compartment II: . approx. 1 litre water . detergent (dosage according to the manufacturer's instructions for light soiling and the appropriate degree of water hardness) Set the programme selector to Easy-Care 60 °C and select Start. At the end of the programme, turn the programme selector to Off. Care Machine housing, control panel . Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. . Do not use any abrasive cloths, scourers or cleaning agents (stainless steel cleaners). . Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately. . Do not clean with a jet of water. Cleaning the detergent drawer ... ... if it contains detergent or fabric softener residues. 1. Pull out, press insert down, remove drawer completely. 2. To remove the insert: press the insert upwards from below with your finger. 3. Clean the detergent dispenser tray and insert with water and a brush and dry it. 4. Attach the insert and engage (connect the cylinder to the guide pin). 5. Push in the detergent drawer. Leave the detergent drawer open so that any residual water can evaporate. Drum Leave the washing machine door open so that the drum can dry out. Rust stains -use chlorine-free cleaning agent, not steel wool. Descaling Ensure there is no laundry in the machine Descale the appliance according to the descaler manufacturer's instructions. This should not be necessary if the correct dosage of detergent is used. Information to indicator lights Indicator lights for status displays flash: Wash and Rinse Close the washing machine door properly; laundry may be caught. Wash and Spin . Open the tap completely. . Supply hose kinked or trapped. . Clean the filter ..page 10, Water pressure too low. Rinse and Spin Detergent solution pump blocked; Clean the detergent solution pump ..page 10. Drainage hose/waste pipe blocked; Clean the drainage hose at the siphon ..page 10. . Risk of electric shock.Disconnect the mains plug. . Risk of explosion. No solvents. 10Maintenance Detergent solution pump Turn the programme selector to Off and disconnect the mains plug. 1. Remove the service flap for detergent solution pump. 2. Carefully unscrew the pump cover (residual water). 3. Clean the interior, pump cover thread and pump housing (the impeller in the detergent solution pump must rotate). 4. Replace the pump cover and screw it tightly. 5. Place the service flap back. To prevent unused detergent from flowing straight into the drain during the next wash: Pour 1 litre of water into compartment II and start the Drain programme. Drainage hose at the siphon Turn the programme selector to Off and disconnect the mains plug. 1. Loosen the hose clamp, carefully remove the drainage hose (residual water). 2. Clean the drainage hose and siphon connecting piece. 3. Reattach the drainage hose and secure the connection with the ho...

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