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User manual Bosch, model WAA28168GB/29

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Turn the programme selector to Off. End of programme when ... ... the status indicator Spin -End flashes. Interrupting the programme Programmes at high temperatures: . Cool washing: Select Rinse. Programmes at lower temperatures: Changing the programme, if ... ... you have selected the wrong programme by mistake: . Select Start. The new programme starts from the . Select Start. . Select Spin or Drain. . Select Start. . Reselect the programme. beginning. Sorting and loading laundry Follow the manufacturer's care information. According to the information on the care labels. According to type, colour, soiling and temperature. Do not exceed the maximum load ..page 7. Observe the important information ..page 6. Insert large and small items of laundry. Close the washing machine door. Take care not to trap items of laundry between the washing machine door and the rubber seal. Add detergent and care products Measure accordingly: Amount of laundry, soiling, water hardness (ask your water supply company) and manufacturer's instructions. ur liquid detergent into the appropriate dispenser and place in the drum. Before washing for the first time Wash once without any laundry ..page 9. Setting and adjusting programmes amme selector ogramme selector for witching the machine on nd off and for selecting e programme. Can be rned in either direction. Additional function ..Individual settings, page 5. Select Start ..Washing 12Switching off Washing Detergent drawer with compartments I, II, ..Washing machine door Dilute thick fabric softener and fabric conditioner with water. This prevents blockages. 3Drum Control panel Service flap for detergent solution pump 34 Individual settings . . Additional functions a and overview of programmes, see page 7. Reduce spin speed (values depending on model). 5 Express Wash Reduced wash time -only 2 rinse cycles.Suited for slightly soiled washing. Recommended load: up to a maximum of 3 kg. Start . For starting the programme. 6Important information Protecting the washing and the machine . Empty pockets. . Look out for metal items (paperclips, etc.). . Wash delicates in a laundry bag (tights, curtains, underwired bras). . Fasten zips, do up any buttons. . Brush sand out of pockets and collars. . Remove curtain fittings or place in the laundry bag. Washing with varying degrees of soiling Wash new items of clothing separately. light Do not pre-wash. If required, pretreat stains. Select programme Cottons..60°C Intensive Stains. heavy Load less washing. Select programme Cottons..60°C + Prewash. Starching Washing must not be treated with fabric softener Starching is possible in all wash programmes if liquid starch is used. Pour the starch in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions into fabric softener compartment ..(rinse first if necessary). Dyeing/bleaching Dye should only be used in normal household quantities. Salt may damage stainless steel. Always follow the dye manufacturer's instructions! Do not use the washing machine for bleaching clothes! Overview of programmes ..Refer to the table of consumption values on page 8 and notes on page 6. 7 Programmes °C max. Type of laundry Additional functions; informationCottons 30, 40, 60, 90 °C 5.5 kg Hard-wearing fabrics, he at-resistant fabrics madeof cotton or linen .., Express WashIntensive Stains 60 °C +Prewash 60 °C Easy-Care 30, 40, 60 °C 2.5 k g Easy-care fabrics made of cotton, linen, syntheticfibres or blended fabrics .., Express Wash Delicates 30 °C 2 kg For delicate, washable fabrics, e.g. made of silk,satin, synthetic fibres or blended fabrics (e.g. cur-tains) .., Express WashNo spin betw een rinse cycles Wool ..cold, 30 °C Hand..or machine-washable fabrics made of woolor containing wool Particularly gentle wash programme to prevent shrinkage oflaundry. Longer programme breaks (fabrics rest in the detergent solution) Additional programmes Rinse , Spin , Drain..Programmes without prewash -add detergent to compartment II, programmes with prewash -distribute the det ergent between compartments I and II. 0811 / 9000640405 WAA28168GB Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbHCarl-Wery-Str. 3481739 Munchen / GermanySafety instructions . Read the instruction manual and installation instructions and all other information enclosed with the washing machine and act accordingly. . Retain the documents for subsequent use. Risk of electric shock . Never pull the cable to disconnect the mains plug. . Never insert/disconnect the mains plug with damp hands. Danger to life For worn-out appliances: . Disconnect the mains plug. . Sever the mains cable and discard along with the plug. . Destroy the lock on the washing machine door. This will prevent children from locking themselves in and risking their lives. Danger of suffocation . Keep packaging, film and packaging parts out of the reach of children. Risk of poisoning . Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children. Risk of explosion . Items of laundry pretreated with cleaning agents containing solven...

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