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User manual Bosch, model WAE16166ZA/04

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Keep pets away from the washing machine Dilute viscous fabric softener and fabric conditioner with water. This prevents blockages. Individual settings .. Spin speed in rpm/without final spin .> model-dependent Before and while the selected programme is running, the spin speed or Spulstop (rinse hold, without final rinse, laundry soaks in the last rinsing water) can be set. The effects depend on the programme progress. The maximum selectable spin speed depends on the model and on which programme is currently selected. .. Additional functions .> and overview of programmes, see page 7 ..Speed Perfect For washing in a shorter time with a washing outcome comparable to that of the standard programme. Maximum load .> Overview of programmes, page 7. ..Eco Perfect For saving energy and water with a washing outcome comparable to that of the standard programme. ....Easy-iron Special spin sequence with subsequent fluffing. More gentle final spin - residual moisture in the laundry slightly increased. ..Rinse Plus Additional rinse cycle. For areas with very soft water or for further enhancing the spin result. .. Start/Pause For starting or interrupting the programme. .. Signal 2. Setting the volume for ... 1. Activate the setting mode for signal volume Set to . 1 step Press and hold + Release Button signals Information signals Setting the Set to . volume** Setting the volume** 1 step direct ** you may need to select the function several times. 800 700 600 400 Rinse Stop 1 step Visually impaired mode* ON-OFF Optional: ON-OFF Set to . *Short signal - function on. Long signal - function off. 1 step 800 700 600 400 Rinse Stop 800 700 600 400 Rinse Stop 800 700 600 400 Rinse Stop Important information Protecting the laundry and the machine . Empty pockets. . Look out for metal items (paperclips, etc.). . Wash delicates in a laundry bag (tights, curtains, underwired bras). . Fasten zips, do up any buttons. . Brush sand out of pockets and collars. . Remove curtain fittings or place in the laundry bag. Laundry with varying degrees of soiling Wash new items of clothing separately. light Do not prelav.(prewash). If required, choose the additional function ..Speed Perfect. Pretreat any stains as necessary. intense Do not load as much laundry. Choose a programme with prewash. Soaking Load laundry of the same colour Pour soaking agent/detergent into compartment II in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Turn the programme selector to Cottons 30 °C and select Start/Pause ... After approx. 10 minutes, press Start/Pause.., to pause the programme. Once the required soaking time has elapsed, press Start/Pause.., again to continue the programme, or select a different programme. Starching Laundry must not be treated with fabric softener Starching is possible in all wash programmes if liquid starch is used. Pour starch into the fabric softener compartment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.. (rinse first if necessary). Dyeing/bleaching Dye should only be used in normal household quantities. Salt may damage stainless steel. Always follow the dye manufacturer's instructions. Do not use the washing machine for bleaching clothes. Additional functions 3 Drum Control panel Service flap Status indicator Removing the washing Open the washing machine door and remove the washing. If Spulstop (Rinse Hold, without final spin) is active: Turn the programme selector to ..Empty or select the spin speed. Select Start/Pause ... . Remove any foreign objects - risk of rusting. . Leave the washing machine door and detergent drawer open so that any residual water can evaporate. Turning the tap off Not required for Aqua-Stop models .> refer to installation instructions Switching off Turn the programme selector to Off. (*model-dependent) 7 Programmes °C max. Type of laundry Additional functions; informationCottons 30, 40, 60, 90 °C 6 kg Hard-wearing fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics made ofcotton or linen ..Speed Perfect*, ..Eco Perfect, ....Easy-iron, ..Rinse PlusPrewash 40 °C Easy-Care 3 0, 40, 60 °C 3 kg Easy-care fabrics made of cotton, linen, syntheticfibres or blended fabrics ..Speed Perfect, ..Eco Perfect, ....Easy-iron, ..Rinse Plus Mix 40 °C Fabrics made of cotton or easy-care fabrics ..Speed Perfect, ..Eco Perfect, ....Easy-iron , ..Rinse Plus; different types of laundry can be washed togetherDelicates/silk 30 °C 2 kg For delicate, washable fabrics, e.g. made of silk, satin,synthetic fibres or blended fabrics (e.g. curtains) ..Speed Perfect, ..Eco Perfect, ....Easy-iron, ..Rinse Plus; No spin between rinse cycles..cold, 30 °C Hand..or machine-washable fabrics made of wool orcontaining wool Particularly gentle wash programme to prevent shrinkage oflaundry. Longer programme breaks (fabrics rest in the detergentsolution) ..Super Q uick 15. 30 °C Easy-care fabrics made of cotton, linen, syntheticfibres or blended fabrics Short programme, approx. 15 minutes, suitable for lightly soiled laundryAdditionalprogrammes ..Rinse / Spin , Emp...


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