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User manual Bosch, model WAP24160AU/01

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. Retain documents for subsequent use. Risk of electric shock . Never pull out the mains plug by tugging on the power cord! . Only insert/pull out the mains plug with dry hands. Danger to life On redundant appliances: . Pull out the mains plug. . Sever the power cord and discard together with the plug. . Destroy the lock on the washing-machine door. This will prevent children from locking themselves in and putting their lives at risk. Risk of suffocation . Keep packaging, plastic film and packaging parts out of the reach of children. Risk of poisoning . Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children. Risk of explosion . Caused by detergents containing solvents, e.g. stain remover/ items of laundry pretreated with solvent naphtha may result in an explosion after being loaded into the washing machine. Thoroughly rinse items of laundry by hand beforehand. Risk of injury . Washing machine door may become very hot. . Be careful when draining hot detergent solution. . Do not climb on the washing machine. . Do not lean on the washing machine door when it is open. . Do not reach into the drum in case it is still rotating. Consumption values Temperature [°C] Buttons Load [kg] Water ** [l] Energy ** [kWh] Time *** [h] Programme L Cottons 40°C . 7,0 kg 76.5 l 0,82 kWh 2:23 h L Cottons* 60°C . 7,0 kg 60 l 0,69 kWh 3:53 h I Easy-Care 30°C ....Speed Perfect 3,5 kg 46,6 l 0,26 kWh 1:08 h 1 Mix 40°C ....Speed Perfect 3,0 kg 43,4 l 0,47 kWh 0:53 h . Delicate/Silk cold ....Speed Perfect 2,0 kg 32,9 l 0,03 kWh 0:38 h : Wool O cold . 2,0 kg 40,5 l 0,02 kWh 0:40 h * Programme setting with maximum spin speed for testing in accordance with AS/NZS 2040.2 and AS/NZS 6400. ** The values deviate from the indicated values depending on water pressure, hardness, and inlet temperature, ambient temperature, type, amount and degree of soiling of the laundry, detergent used, fluctuations in the power supply and selected add itional functions. Important information Before using your washing machine for the first time Do not put any laundry in the washing machine. Turn the tap on. Pour into dispenser II: . approx. 1 litre of water. . Detergent (dosage according to manufacturer.s instructions for light soiling and according to degree of water hardness). Set the programme selector to ..Drum clean 90° and select ..Start/Reload. At the end of the programme, set the programme selector to ..Off. Protecting the laundry and the machine . When dosing all detergents, cleaning aids and cleaning agents, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. . Empty any pockets. . Remove metal objects (paper clips, etc.). . Wash delicates in the net/bag (tights, curtains, underwired bras). . Close zips, button up covers. . Brush sand out of pockets and collars. . Remove curtain fittings or include in the net/bag. Load the laundry Load large and small items of laundry! Do not jam items of laundry between the washing machine door and rubber seal. Laundry with different degrees of soiling Wash new items separately. Light Do not prewash. If required, select the ....Speed Perfect option. If required, pre-treat stains. If required, select the ..Cottons + Prewash programme. Heavy Load less laundry. Select the ..Cottons + Prewash programme. Soaking Load laundry of the same colour. Pour soaking agent/detergent into dispenser IIaccording to the manufacturer.s instructions. Set the programme selector to ..Cottons 40 ° and select ..Start/Reload. After approx. 10 minutes, press ..Start/Reload to stop the programme. After the required soaking time, re-press ..Start/Reload if the programme is to be continued, or change the programme. Starching Laundry should not be treated with fabric softener. Liquid starch can be used with all washing programmes. Pour starch into the fabric softener dispenser ..according to manufacturer.s instructions (if required clean beforehand). Dyeing/bleaching Dye in small quantities only. Salt may attack stainless steel. Follow the instructions of the dye manufacturer. Do not bleach laundry in the washing machine. Insert for liquid detergent model dependent Position the insert for dispensing liquid detergent: . Remove the detergent drawer completely ..page 10. . Slide the insert forwards. Do not use the insert (slide upwards): . For gel-type detergents and washing powder, . For programmes with the ..Cottons + Prewash or the Ready in ..option. 89 10 Care/cleaning .. Machine housing, control panel . Remove detergent residue immediately. . Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. . Do not clean the appliance with a water jet. Clean the detergent drawer ... ... if it contains detergent or fabric softener residue. 1. Pull out the drawer, press the insert down, remove the drawer completely. 2. Remove the insert: using your finger, press the insert upwards. 3. Clean the detergent dispenser and the insert using water and a brush and dry them. 4. Fit the insert and lock it in place (push the cylinder onto the guide pin). 5. Insert the detergent drawer. Lea...

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