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User manual Bosch, model WAQ243D0GB/01

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3. For models with insert for liquid detergent:Slide the insert upwards and remove it from the back. 4. Clean the detergent dispenser tray and inserts with water and a brush and dry them. 5. Attach the insert and engage (connect the cylinder to the guide pin). 6. Push in the detergent drawer. Leave the detergent drawer open so that any residual water can evaporate. Drum Leave the washing machine door open so that the drum can dry out. For rust stains, use chlorine-free cleaning agent, not steel wool. Descaling Ensure there is no laundry in the machine! This will not be necessary if the correct dosage of detergent is used. If it is, descale the appliance according to the manufacturer's instructions. Descaling products can be acquired on the website or from customer services ..Installation instructions. Emergency release (e.g. in the event of a power cut) The programme continues to run when the power has been restored. However, if the laundry has to be removed, the washing machine door can be opened as follows: Risk of scalding! The detergent solution and laundry may be hot. Let it cool. Do not reach into the drum if it is still rotating. Do not open the washing machine door if water can be seen through the glass. 1. Turn the programme selector to Off and disconnect the mains plug. 2. Drain the detergent solution ....page 10. 3. Pull the emergency release downwards with a tool and release. The washing machine door can then be opened. Information on the display panel depending on model ..: .... Close the washing machine door properly; laundry may be caught. ..: ...., ..: .... Turn on the (cold water) tap fully, supply hose kinked or trapped; Clean the filter ....page 10, water pressure too low. ..: .... . Detergent solution pump blocked; Clean the detergent solution pump ....page 10. . Drainage hose / waste pipe blocked; Clean the drainage hose at the siphon ....page 10. . Heavy foam build-up ....page 10, status indicator Wash flashes. ..: .... Water in the base tub, appliance leaking. Call customer services! ..: .... . Open the (hot water) tap fully. . Inlet hose kinked/trapped. . Water pressure too low. Clean the filter ....page 10. . Hot water hose not connected; appliance will operate using cold water only. Ignore information, only for first wash cycle. .... Childproof lock activated: to deactivate .. page 5. . Risk of electric shock! Disconnect the mains plug. . Risk of explosion! Do not use solvents. 10 Maintenance Drain pump blocked Set programme selector to Off, pull out the mains plug. 1. Open service flap. 2. Take the drainage hose out of the holder. 3. Remove sealing cap, allow detergent solution to flow out. Have a suitable container ready. Push up the closing cap and place the drain hose back in its holder. 4. Carefully unscrew the pump cover (Caution! residual water). Clean the interior, pump cover thread and pump housing (fan impeller in the detergent-solution pump must rotate). 5. Reinsert and screw on pump cover. Handle should be vertical. 6. Close the service flap. To prevent unused detergent from flowing into the outlet during the next wash: Pour 1 litre of water into dispenser II and start the Drain.. programme. Drainage hose on the siphon blocked Set programme selector to Off, pull out the mains plug. 1. Loosen hose clip, carefully remove drainage hose. (Caution! Residual water.) 2. Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. 3. Re-attach drainage hose and secure connection point with hose clip. Filter blocked in water inlet hose Risk of electric shock! Do not immerse Aqua-Stop safety device in water (contains electric valve). Release water pressure in the supply hose: 1. Turn off the tap! 2. Select any programme (except ..Rinse/Spin ..//Drain ..). 3. Press Start/Reload .. button. Leave programme for approx. 40 seconds. 4. Set programme selector to Off. Pull out the mains plug. Clean the filter: 5. Disconnect the hose from the water tap. Clean filter with small brush. and/or for standard and Aqua-Secure models: remove hose from the rear of the appliance. Take out filter with pliers and clean. 6. Connect the hose and check for leaks. . Risk of burning! Allow the detergent solution to cool. . Turn off the tap. 11 What to do if... .. Water is leaking out . Attach/replace the drainage hose correctly. . Tighten the screw connection of the supply hose. .. No water supply. Detergent not dispensed. . Start/Reload .. not selected? . Tap not turned on? . Filter blocked? Clean the filter ....page 10. . Supply hose kinked or trapped? .. The appliance door will not open. . Safety function active. Programme stopped? ....page 4. . Rinse Hold (without final spin) selected? ....page 3, 4. . Can be opened by emergency release only? ....page 9. . Door locked after the washing machine is switched off: Switch on the washing machine and wait for 5 seconds. .. The selected programme does not start. . Start/Reload ....or .. (Ready in) time selected? . Washing machine door closed? . Childproof lock active? Deactivate ....


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