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User manual Alliance Laundry Systems, model T60-32

Manafacture: Alliance Laundry Systems
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Select spin time Select suitable spin time according to the laundries, and do spinning Refer list 1 of page 3 1 OFF2 3 4 5 Spin timer Take the laundry out when the spinning ends. When the spinning ends, open the top lid and the interior lid. Then take out the depression cover and laundry after the spinning drum has stopped rotation completely. Note: Refer to the Notes on Spinning carefully. Install the water inlet hose Water inlet entrance Water inlet hose The water hose should be connected as shown in the right figure. Notes on Spinning 1 2 3 4 Hang up the drain hose. Pull off the power plug and hang up the power cord. Wipe the complete unit with soft cloth twisted dry. Open the inner/outer cover of the spin tub for some time (about one hour), then close them. Disposal after spinning During the spinning, the draining hose must be leveled down. Do not lift or hang it up. To protect your laundries and washing machine, please takeout all of the coins, buttons, sand, hairpin and other foreign materials beforewashing. Use the foam-removing spin- ning to remove the extra deter- gent liquid. It can both shorten the washing time and save the water consumption. Please put in the gland properly even if the laundries .Do not leave any articles above the depression cover. Push Gland Push Proper The laundries are slanting Proper No gland In spinning, it will pause the work if you open the outer cover of the spintub. Close it to resume the spinning. quantity is small. Maintenance 1 2 Wipe off the water drops on the surface and inside the tub with clean soft cloth. Be sure to pull off the power plug before maintenance. If the cabinet is dirty, wipe it with wet soft cloth Do not wash it directly by water. Wipe with neutral detergent if too dirty Do not wipe with thinner, petrol, alcohol, etc. Thinner Alcohol Petrol Trouble-shooting Answers to question (If there's breakdown, please pull off the power plug before checking) The following phenomena are not breakdowns sometimes. Please confirm again before sending it to repair. If there are real breakdowns, please come to the special maintenance department or after-sale service department of our company. Do not repair it by yourself. Phenomena The reason-How to solve The machine does not act. There's abnormal sound and violent vibration during spinning Is there power failure--Please use it when there's power supply. Is the power plug loose--Insert the power plug tightly. Is the machine slanting--Adjust the machine to be even Is the gland pressed evenly--Put the gland in properly Check if the laundry is inclined to one side--Take it out and replace it evenly. Check if there are any metal articles in the laundry. -- take them out. Check if it is too full with the laundry-- load the laundry only in the right amount. Check if there are any articles out of the spinning drum -- put them into the drum. Packing list Name Quantity User's manual One piece Water inlet hose One piece Gland One piece Spin-drier One set Specifica...

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