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User manual ADC, model AD-310

Manafacture: ADC
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manual abstract

This device enables the supply voltage to reach the blower (squirrel cage fan) motor. The blower motor contactor is controlled by the Phase 5 microprocessor controller (computer). (Refer to Section b-1 on page 86 for microprocessor [computer] information.) When 24 VAC is applied to coil A1-A2, the contactor closes and enables the circuit. The blower (squirrel cage fan) motor used for gas model dryers is 15 HP (horsepower) and for steam model dryers is 25 HP (horsepower). The motor wiring configuration is dependent on the specific voltage of the dryer. When wiring the motor, refer to the motor nameplate. 2) Drive (tumbler and basket) Motor The Drive (tumbler and basket) Motor is supplied by the 3-phase (3o) power source entering the drive motor thermal magnetic overload. The overload current is adjustable by a dial located on the face of the overload. (Refer to the electrical specification diagram for correct current setting.) In this circuit, the drive motor contactor follows the thermal magnetic overload. The drive motor has two (2) separate sets of coils and two (2) separate sets of contacts. One (1) of these sets is for forward tumbler (basket and drum) rotation and the other for reverse tumbler (basket and drum) rotation. The thermal magnetic overloads and the contactors are located in the left hand electrical cabinet. The direction of the drive motor is determined by the phases going into the motor (i.e., in a reverse direction phase, L1 and L2 are switched). When viewing this contactor (from the front of the dryer), the left hand block connections are for the forward rotation direction (clockwise [CW]). The drive (tumbler and basket) motor is a 5 HP (horsepower) motor. Refer to the motor nameplate for specific terminal box wiring. 84 3) 24 VAC Transformer The 24 VAC transformer consists of fuse 1 (F1) and fuse 2 (F2) which is the primary fusing for the transformer. For the proper rating of these fuses refer to the specific electric diagram. The transformer is located in the right hand electrical cabinet. Dryer models with an optional Sprinkler System have an energizing stop relay which will disable the dryer functions (shut the dryer down) in the event of a fire. IF THE SPRINKLER SYSTEM IS NOT ENERGIZED (POWERED) THE DRYER WILL NOT OPERATE. The Energizing Stop Push Button is located on the front right electrical panel. On 2-Door models this Energizing Stop Push Button is located on the right rear side of the electrical panel (when viewed from the rear). On dryer models manufactured for 208 volt or 240 volt electric service, the step down voltage for the Phase 5 microprocessor controller (computer) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is supplied from the primary side of the 24 VAC transformer. On dryers that are manufactured for 380 volts and higher, there is an additional secondary 240 VAC on the transformer that is used to supply the voltage required to operate the Phase 5 microprocessor controller (computer) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) through fuse 4 (F4) and a fuse (F5) in 208/240 VAC applications. 4) 24 VAC Control Circuit The secondary side of the 24 VAC transformer supplies 24 VAC to various control circuits through fuse 3 (F3) and a 20-amp fuse or an 8-amp fuse (fuse amperage [rating] is dependent on the voltage that the dryer was manufactured with). The first circuit is the control voltage on/off. Control voltage ( 24 VAC) goes through the "Master Off" (normally closed) switch and supplies voltage to the "Master On" (normally open) switch. When the "Master On" switch is momentarily engaged, the master control relay (MCR) engages. This closes the MCR-A contactor (which is in parallel with the "Master On" switch) which will keep the MCR enabled. If the power is interrupted or the "Master Off" switch is pressed the MCR will disengage. The MCR-B contactor supplies power to the rest of the 24 VAC circuits. For dryers manufactured with Automatic Doors -the purpose of the supply air is to relieve pressure on the automatic door pistons when an emergency stop is engaged. 5) Safety Circuits The following circuit branches are to verify various safeties, if ALL conditions are met ... a) The first two (2) items are the Auxiliary Contact located on the blower (squirrel cage fan) motor and the Tumbler (basket) Motor Overload. If either of these devices trip, it will open up the safety circuit thereby preventing the dryer from operating. b) Dryer Level Switches circuit branch ... (1) On 1-way tilt models, this switch is in series with the dry enable. (2) On 2-way tilt models ...one (1) pole of each of the two (2) level switches (LS1-A and LS2-A) are in series with the dryer level relay and the other pole is in series with the opposite piston. IF THE OPPOSITE SIDE IS NOT LEVEL, THE DRYER WILL NOT TILT. 85 c) Front Doors Closed circuit branch. There are two (2) magnetic proximity switches mounted in the door closed position and a magnet mounted on top of the doors. When this magnet align...


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