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User manual Hyundai, model H-LCD704

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

Car adaptor 7. Remote control 8. Antenna cable (7 5 Ohm) 9. Telescopic antenna Aspect Main Part FRONT I .T elescopic antenna 2.TFT-LCD screen 3.Volume+ selection + 4.Volume - selection - 5. TV/AV Shift 6.Channel+ option 7.Channel - option 8.Menu 9. Power indicator 10.Standby Power on/off II .Remote receiving window 12.Base support 4 BACK 13.Earphone jack 14.AV1 IN jack 15.AV2 IN jack 16.12V DC IN jack 17.Loudspeaker 18 .Antenna IN jack Remote control 1. Menu 2. Volume control 3. Mute 4. Picture mode 5. Channel key 6. Channel shift 7. Horizontal 8. Vertical 9. Channel select 10.Power switch/Exit game 11. Call 12. Timer 13. Language 14. Calendar 15.AV/TV shift 16. Return 17.Auto search 18.Picture mode Caution 1. Please align the remote control with the infrared-receiving window on TV set in operation. 2. Never oppress, drop, wet or disassembly the remote control. 3. Never press any button continuously and swiftly. Operation interval is at least 2 seconds. 4. Press Power to turn on the machine before pressing CH+, CH- for channel selection. Channel keys (disit keys (0-9) and - / - - ): There are 0 ~ 255 in total of 256 channels available on the remote controller for your option by the 11 buttons of 0-9 and - / - -on the remote control. When the channel is a one-digit figure, just press the corresponding digit key. If the channel is a two-digit figure, you should press - / - -first to show - - on the display screen before further pressing the corresponding digit keys. 5 CH ^ / t (Channel selection) Press CH t, the number of TV channel increases. Press CH \, the number of TV channel decreases. VOL - / + (Volume adjust) Press VOL - , the volume of TV set decreases. Press VOL + , the volume of TV set increases. MODE (Mode): By pressing this button, users can realize the five picture mode of Standard, Soft, Vivid, Light and Personal. POWER (Power switch): Press this button to turn on the TV set, press it again to turn off the machine. MENU (Menu button): Press this button to display the following five submenus: PICTURE, OPTION, CLOCK, SYSTEM and PRESET. MUTE (Mute): Press this button, sound disappears, press it again or VOL+/ VOL- to resume normal sound. CALL (Call): Press this button to display the character of program currently watching. TIMER: Time setup of sleep off, it is used to set the time off within 120 minutes. LANG: Press this button can realize the switch of English and Russian OSD menu. CALE: Press this button to show Year, Month, Day and Week. Press CH V CH \ to adjust the year, press VOL+/ VOL- to adjust the month. AV (TV/AV shift): Press this button to realize switch between TV/AV pictures. AUTO: Press and hold this button for 5 seconds can realize automatic channel search. ^ (Return): Press this button can return to previous channel, press it again return to current channel. Press this button to flip the picture horizontally, and press it again to resume image. M; ' Press this button to flip the picture vertically, and press it again to resume image. PICTURE MODE: Two screen modes in the zoom mode: 16:9, 4:3. 6 Power Selection 1. 220V AC adapter AC adapter (refer to product tag attached to the AC adapter) supplies power to the television from 220V alternating current. 2. Automobile storage battery with 12V DC Use automobile adapter (suitable for vehicles with negative grounding) to supply power to the television from the automobile's storage battery. 3. Car Adaptor (DC 12V): The car adaptor (apply to the car with polarity connected to the ground) allows the TV to be powered by a car battery through the vehicle' s cigarette lighter. Basic operations 1. Basic interface connection Installation Method of Base Support: Align the screw bolt on the base support with the bottom groove on hardware piece of the rear TV cover before moving upward and ro tating the fixation button till fix the TV set onto the support. Connection Method of Power Supply: Align the power supply plug on AC adapter with the jack on the machine rear cover marked with DC12V. Connection Method of External antenna: Unplug the telescopic antenna plug attached TV, and insert the external antenna plug instead. Connection Method of the telescopic antenna: Insert the telescopic antenna plug, which attached TV. Earphone Connection Method Align the earphone plug with the earphone jack on the machine cover, just plug in till its end. Notice If earphone is applied, the sound only transmits through the earphone, and no sound is available from the speaker of TV set. У Connection Method of AV Input 1 .Insert the external video cord into the yellow port of the AV exchange head, the left sound track into the white port and the right sound track into the red port. Then plug the AV exchange head in AV1/IN jack. 2 .Insert the external video cord into the yellow port of the AV exchange head, the left sound track into the white port and the right...


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