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User manual Changhong Electric, model W260F8U, W320F8U, W370F8U

Manafacture: Changhong Electric
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manual abstract

(2) In Manual mode, you can press digit keys on the remote control to edit each channel. In edit status, you may press .MENU. to exit or press .OK. to confirm your operation, and then the channel you edited will be set. Once you enter into the selected Channel item, the channel will be set You can press any button of.MENU.,.OK.to exit from the Favorite Menu. MTS switch You can press (.I/II) to select among Mono, Stereo and SAP, in each channel ,Stereo and SAP mode your selection will be stored. CCD Press.CC.to select the caption option,same function to Close Caption item of the menu. PIP/POP/PBP Function Press. .to enter into or exit from the sub-picture mode. In this mode, you can realize these functions as follows: 1. Press. .to switch the sub-picture signal source among TV.AV1.AV2.YPbPr. PC and DVI in cycle. 2. Press. .to switch the sub-picture mode among PIP.PBP and POP. . PIP Mode: To overlap a sub-picture (PIP) in small size wherever you want to locate ; . PBP Mode: To place two pictures in the same size side by side. Both main picture and sub-picture (PBP) cover half of the display screen area. . POP Mode: A main picture covers 12/16 of the display screen area while a sub-picture (POP) covers 1/16. 3. Press. .to switch between main picture and sub-picture. 4. Press. .to freeze or continue the current sub-picture . 5. Press. .to adjust the sub-picture position on display in PIP mode. W260F8U/W320F8U/W370F8U PAGE 20 Switches of the sub-picture’s channel can be realized by pressing .CH+./.CH-.in TV mode. The sub-picture can enter into TV mode directly by pressing.CH+./.CH-.in other modes. Main Pic Sub Pic TV AV1 AV2 YPbPr PC DVI TV . . . . . . AV1 . . . . . . AV2 . . . . . . YPbPr . . . . . PC . . . . . DVI . . . . . . Note: All buttons mentioned in this operation are on the remote control, signs of “.” mean that both pictures can be displayed at the same time and the blanks mean that both modes can not be displayed at the same time. W260F8U/W320F8U/W370F8U PAGE 21 TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling a technician, please check the following table to see if the below mentioned symptoms can be diagnosed and fixed. Symptoms Possible Reasons Correction No picture, no sound, and no indicator light on 1.The power cord is not plugged in 2.The power is off 1.Plug the power cord in 2.Turn the power on No picture, no sound, but the green light indicator 1.Contrast, sharpness, color and volume are all in the minimum value or TV is in mute mode 2.PC has no signal in PC mode 3.The signal cord is not correctly connected 1. Alter the value of contrast, sharpness, color and volume 2.Press any button or input PC signal 3.Connect the signal cord correctly Picture and sound with abnormity 1.Contrast, sharpness, and color are set improperly 2.Color system is set improperly 3.Sound system is set improperly 1.Adjust the value of Contrast, sharpness, and color 2.Set the Color system to the country broadcasting standard 3.Set the Sound system to the country broadcasting standard Picture is spotted or with snow Signal source is low-grade or the signal cord is in a lower quality Use the qualified signal cord Blue background in AV mode No Video signal or the signal cord is improperly/not connected Connect the signal cord properly Picture is unclear, or moves or have black stripes on horizontal position in PC mode PC Picture is not in the middle of the screen Picture is not well adjusted Adjust automatically by selecting Auto Adjust or adjust Clock. Phase.H Position . V Position manually after entering into the PC Setting menu to solve this problem No sound No Audio signal or the signal cord is improperly/not connected 1.Connect the audio signal cord properly 2.Set the sound system properly The remote control does not work Batteries are improperly installed or exhausted 1.Make sure the positive and the negative polarities are correct. 2.Check if there is a loose contact between the batteries and the springs 3.Replace the batteries Colors of PC Picture on display are improper The user made the wrong Color Temp adjustment Readjust the Color Temperature W260F8U/W320F8U/W370F8U PAGE 22 SPECIFICATIONS Model: W260F8U Items Specifications Size (diagonal) 26 inch Recommended Resolution 1280X768 Dot Pitch 0.4425mm(H) X0.1475mm (V) Number of Dots 1280XRGBX768 Viewable Area 566.4mm(H) x339.84mm (V) LCD panel items Color Display 16.7million Color System NTSC Sound System M PC, DVI Qualified Input Format VGA/SVGA/XGA/WXGA 60Hz YPbPr Input Format 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p Audio Output Consumption 2x5w AV Output One way Headphone Output One way AV (S-Video) Input Two ways (audio is using in community) YPbPr Input One way PC Input One way DVI Input One way Voltage Input Rated Power Consumption Please refer to the back label Standby Power Consumption .2W Unit Dimension 804mm(W).510mm(H).294mm(D) (including the pedestal) 804mm (W) X436mm (H) X106mm (D) (Not Including the pedestal) Recommended resolution in PC mode 1280x768 60Hz Unit Wei...

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Televisions - W260F8U, W320F8U, W370F8U (556.05 kb)
Televisions - W260F8U, W320F8U, W370F8U (556.05 kb)


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