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User manual Element Electronics, model ELCHS321

Manafacture: Element Electronics
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5.The effective range of the remote control is demonstrated by the following figure: 6m 150 150 6m 6m 8m 6m 10 Using the remote control Learning about the remote control Power indicator Power ON/OFF -Mute: Mute the PICTURE: Select the picture Select TV channels -Switch among TV, Video, S-Video, Component,HDMI and VGA Select Screen Mode _): Select the sound mode ATSC tuners feature the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) function DISPLAY: Display current Status information -EXIT: On Screen Display (OSD) menu exit Select digital channels-- MENU: Call up the main menu OSD menu Up -- LAST: Return to previous channel ENTER: Confirm selected function or return to the previous menu OSD menu Left menu Right arrow OSD menu Down arrow-VOL+: Volume u VOL-: Volume down -Channel Channel up down CCD: Closed MTS/SAP: caption decoder function Multi-channel television sound selection -- - - Display the current time SLEEP: Set the sleep timer Electronic Program Guide (EPG) function: After pressing the "GUIDE" button in the digital TV channel option, the 4 same color buttons will appear with explanations in the OSD. Follow the steps illustrated in the OSD. 11 Understanding the TV features • Multimedia -All in one TV receiver, Video Monitor and PC display, • Wider viewing angle for 16:9 and 4:3 display screens -over a 160 degree viewing angle and a 16:9 ergonomic display panel, • Digital display device -Irrespective of magnetic or geomagnetic effects, this device accurately reproduces images without any distortion or blur, • Closed caption decoder -You may view specially labeled (co) TV programs, movies, news, prerecorded tapes, etc, with either a dialogue caption or text display added to the program, • V-chip -Enables parents to prevent their children from watching inappropriate programs on TV, • ATSC/NTSC • Sleep timer • Hulti-language OSD Basic Operation [] Menu operation Power ON/OFF 1. Connect the TV to a power outlet. If the power indicator is red, it means that the TV is switched off. Press the Power button on the front control or on the remote control to switch on the TV. Once the Power button is switched on, the power indicator will be displayed as blue. Several seconds later, the TV picture will be displayed on the screen. 2. Press the Power button on the front control or on the remote control to turn the TV off temporarily. 3. Always remove the AC power plug from the outlet when not using this TV for a long period of time. Signal source selection Press the [INPUT] button to select TV, AV, S-Video,Component,VGA and HDHI inputs. There are two ways to select the source: One is to press the [INPUT] button continuously, while the other is to use the [ARROW] and [ENTER] buttons to confirm the source. Select channels Please use [CH+/CH-] button on the remote panel to select channels. [CH+] indicates channel number up, [CH-] indicates channel number down. Press [CHA /ChV] button on the side panel of the TV to select the channels. If you want to choose any of the skipped channels, press the number directly. Use [Hute] button Press the [Mute] button to mute the sound. Press the [Mute] button again to resume the sound. Select picture modes Press the [PICTURE] button to select the picture mode from four options: Standard, Movie, User and Vivid. You can adjust the picture mode based upon your personal preference. Select sound modes Press the [AUDIO] button to select sound modes from Standard, Speech, User, and Music. Select zoom modes Press the [ZOOM] button to select the aspect ratio between picture width and picture height (High Definition 16:9 pictures will be displayed in original format 16:9, named Wide).The options for SD (Standard Definition 4:3) are Normal, Wide, Zoom and Cinema. 12 Basic operation Normal The original 4:3 aspect ratio (1.33:1 signal) is preserved, so black bars are added to the left and right of the image. Standard TV broadcasts are displayed with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Wide When watching a standard broadcast or full-frame movie in this mode, the display image is stretched proportionately to fill the TV screen. When watching a widescreen (1.78:1 signal) program or movie, the display image fills the TV screen. Zoom Stretches the 4"3 aspect ratio image vertically and horizontally to fill the screen at 1:1.78 aspect ratio. Cinema Stretches the 4:3 aspect ratio image vertically and horizontally to fill the screen at 1:2.35 aspect ratio, 13 Basic Operation Use [GUIDE] button Press the [GUIDE] button to display features of the ATSC program and the EPG function. Use [DISPLAY] button Press the [DISPLAY] button to view current source information. Use [EXIT] button Press the [EXIT] button to exit the OSD menu. Select channels by numbers To select a channel: Press the channel number you would like to go to. For example, to select channel number 120, press buttons 1, 2 and 0, respectively. Use [MENU] button Press the [MENU] button to display the TV OSD menu. Use [lAST] button Press the [LAST] button to return to the previou...

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