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User manual LG, model 37LD450

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YELLOW A method to view in 5 large thumbnail or simple list. BLUE Convert to Mark Mode. EXIT Return to normal TV viewing. >Press the PLAY(>) button to return to normal playback. TO USE A USB DEVICE ¦ When selected movie files are played Page 1/1 Movie List Drive1 Page 1/1 003001 002 004 005 006 MarkMARKMark Page ChangeMove P Exit Mark ModeUnmark AllMark AllPlay Marked Exit 051. Apple_ ...... 02:30:25 Mark Mode TO USE A USB DEVICE 1 Select the target folder or drive. 2 3 orBLUE 4 5 Marked movie file is played.RED • When one or more movie files are marked, the marked movies will be played in sequence. Select the desired movie title. Convert to Mark Mode. Mark desired Movie file. NOTE >In the case of files not supported, a message regarding non-supported file is displayed. Using the remote control RED Play the selected movie file. Once a movie file finishes playing, the next selected one will be played automatically. GREEN Mark all movie files on the screen. YELLOW Deselect all marked movie files. BLUE Exit the Mark Mode. EXIT Return to normal TV viewing. NOTE >If you select “Yes” from OSD when playing the same file after the movie file has been stopped, it will restart where it stopped previously. >If continuous series files exist within the folder, the next file will automatically be played. But, this excludes cases when the Repeat function of Movie List Option is turned “On” (Refer to p. 62) or when set as Marked Play. TO USE A USB DEVICE TO USE A USB DEVICE Using the Movie List function, play Option HideQ.MENU >01:02:30 / 02:30:25 <> ¦> II <<>> Choose options. Set Video Play. Set Video. Set Audio. Close Exit TO USE A USB DEVICE Select Set Video Play., Set Video. or Set Audio.. 1 or 2 Show the Option menu. NOTE >Option values changed in Movie List does not affect Photo List and Music List. >Option value changed in Photo List and Music List are changed likewise in Photo List and Music List excluding Movie List. >When replaying the video file after stopping, you can play from where it stopped previously. Using the remote control ¦ Stop the playing movie file. > Press the PLAY(>) button to return to normal playback. During playback, press the Pause(II) button. ¦ Still screen is displayed. ¦ If no buttons are pressed on the remote control for 10 minutes after pausing, the II TV returns to the playback state. ¦ Press the Pause(II) button and then use the FF(>>) button for slow motion. When playing, repeatedly, press the REW(<<) button to speed up <<(x2) -> <<<(x4) -> <<<<(x8) -><<<<<(x16) -><<<<<<(x32) . repeatedly, press the FF(>>) button to speed up >>(x2)-> >>>(x4) -> << / >> >>>>(x8) ->>>>>>(x16) -> >>>>>>(x32). ¦ Pressing these buttons repeatedly increases the fast forward/reverse speed. Show the Option menu. Hide the menu on the full-sized screen. ¦ To see the menu again on the full-sized screen, press OK button to display. Return to normal TV viewing. ¦ When using the < or > button during playback a cursor indicating the position can < > be viewed on the screen. TO USE A USB DEVICE or Press the ENERGY SAVING button repeatedly to change the brightness of yourscreen.(Refer to p. 95) Press the AV MODE button repeatedly to select the desired source.(Refer to p. 50) ENERGY SAVING AV MODE TO USE A USB DEVICE ¦ When you select the Set Video Play, Set Video Play. FullPicture Size <> Audio Language 1<> On<>Subtitle Language Previous 0. Position <> Normal. Size <> 0. Sync <> English. Language <> Default. Code page <> OnRepeat <> 1 Select Picture Size, Audio Language, Subtitle Langugae or Repeat. Make appropriate adjustments. 2 TO USE A USB DEVICESubtitle Language Support Language Latin1 Latin2 Latin4 Cyrillic Greek Turkish English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian, Albanian, Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, Catalan,Valencian Bosnian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh Greek Turkish >Picture Size : Selects your desired picture format during movie play. >Audio Language : Changes the Language Group of the audio during movie play. Files with a single audio track cannot be selected. >Subtitle Langugae : Turn on/off the subtitle. >Language : Activated for SMI subtitle and can select the language within the subtitle. >Code page : Can select the font for subtitle. When set to default, same font as general menu will be used. >Sync : Adjusts the time synchronisation of the subtitle from -10 secs to +10 secs by steps of 0.5 secs during movie play. >Position : Changes the position of the subtitle either up or down during movie play. >Size : Selects your desired Subtitle size during movie play. >Repeat : Turn on/off repeat function of movie playback. When turned on, the file within the folder will be played back repeatedly. Even when the repeated playback is turned off, it can run the playback if the file name is similar to the previous file. NOTE >Only 10,000 of sync...

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