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User manual LG, model 50PM4700

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Click Green Key to get more information about SmartShare... Setting Connecting guide ENGENGLISH 6 ENGLISH DLNA Connection to Smartphone 1 Check that Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone. Settings .. 2 Install/run the app for sharing content on your smartphone (It's called SmartShare on LG phones). 3 Enable your smartphone to share content files with other devices. 4 Select the file type you want to play (movie, audio or photo). 5 Select a movie, music or photo file to play on the TV. 6 Add the selected file to the playlist. 7 Select a TV model name on which to play the files. (The TV model name is labelled on the rear side of the panel.) 8 Play the media file to view and enjoy it on your TV. Media Link Connection 1 After installing the programme, right-click the Plex icon( a ) on your PC's taskbar. Click Media Manager( b )... and select the type(c )you want. b a . c 2 Name( d ) : Enter the section name to be displayed on the screen. Add( e ) : Select a folder in the PC to add. Create a folder to store files you want to watch on TV. Add Section( f ) : Complete to create the section. Turn on the TV and select Media Link( g )from the Home menu. d e f • UCC Service News Sports Service Video Streaming Weather Info Photo Album Social Network Service Movie Online 3D World Input List Settings Live TV Search Internet 3D LG Smart W User Guide Recent ListMeida Link gMy Apps More... * For more information on file sharing, visit 7 Wi-Fi Screen Share Setting HOME > Settings > NETWORK > Wi-Fi Screen Share The Wi-Fi Screen Share function supports wireless connection technology, such as Wi-Fi Direct and WiDi. With Smart Share, you can share files or screens of devices connected to Wi-Fi Screen Share. 1 If Wi-Fi Screen Share is set to On, a list of available devices appears. » To use Wi-Fi Screen Share, go to Settings > NETWORK and set Wi-Fi Screen Share( a ) to On. • [ABCDEF] Do you want to request a connection? Yes No 2 When you are prompted to request connection, select Yes. Wi-Fi Screen Share is now connected to your TV. Wi-Fi Screen Share Device Name Show More Research Close TAAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD On Wi-Fi Screen Share uses wireless connection such as Wi-Fi Direct, WiDi, Wi-Fi Display, etc. You can share files and screens of other devices using Wi-Fi Screen Share at SmartShare. Wi-Fi Screen a *If you are not using Wi-Fi Screen Share to minimize the interference between Wi-Fi devices, it is recommended to WiDi (Wireless Display) Settingset Wi-Fi Screen Share( a ) to Off. WiDi represents Wireless Display. It is a system that received AV stream that can be played back on the laptop supporting Intel WiDi. It can be used only for Live TV and external input (Composite/Component/RGB/HDMI). Other than these modes, your computer cannot detect LG Smart TV. 1 Wi-Fi Screen Share is set to On. Connect your laptop to AP. (Without AP, it is possible to this function; it is recommended to connect to AP.) Your laptap runs the Intel WiDi( ) programme. 2 It detects LG Smart TVs available, which supports WiDi. In the list, select the TV you want and click Connect. Enter the 4-digit number( a ) shown on the screen into the input field( b ) on your laptop and then click Continue. • [Intel Notebook] Request connection Enter the following Security keys. PIN**** Cancel Remain: 92 second(s) a b TV Screen Notebook Screen 3 The TV screen appears on the laptop screen within 10 seconds. The wireless environment may affect the screen display. If the connection is poor, the Intel WiDi connection may be lost. * LG TV is not need to register. * TV sound setting for Digital Sound Out is set to PCM. * For more information on Intel WiDi, visit * On the Wi-Fi Screen Share, WiDi device is not searched. Close the Wi-Fi Screen Share, then search Wi-Di. Updating the TV Firmware HOME > Settings > SUPPORT > Software Update Uses Software Update to check and obtain the latest version. If not updated, certain functions may not workproperly. It is also possible to check manually for available updates. Software Update Set it to On. When an updated file is detected, the file is downloaded automatically. When the file download is complete, the software update window appears. Check Update Version Checks the latest update version installed. When a new update is available, the download process can be performed manually. NOTE .The latest version can be obtained via the digital broadcast signal or an internet connection. .Changing the programme while downloading the software via a digital broadcast signal interrupts thedownload process. Returning to the initial programme allows downloading to resume. .If software is not updated, certain functions may not work properly. .[Only Nordic models] You can check whether LG OTA service is available in the DTV channel by pressing the red button as you see the “Update is detected.” message under the channel banner. ENGENGLISH Please call LG Customer Service if you experience any problems...


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