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User manual Cateye, model HL-EL340RC

Manafacture: Cateye
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manual abstract

Pending Copyright© 2011 CATEYE Co., Ltd. EL34RC-110221 066640702 1 ENG Low OFF ON(Hi) Flash 1 sec. Double press Double press Hi 1 sec. HOW TO MOUNT 1 Wind the bracket strap around the handlebar, and put the strap through the opening. 2 Screw the dial into the bracket to secure it temporarily. * Insert the light unit to the bracket until it clicks, and adjust the beam angle. (Refer to “HOW TO MOUNT THE LIGHT”) 3 Securely tighten the dial, and cut off any excess bracket strap. * To remove the light unit, pull out it forward while pressing the button. * To re-adjust the beam angle, loosen the dial enough to move the bracket, and securely tighten it after adjustment. CAUTION!: • Be sure to tighten the dial by hand. When you tighten it too hard with a tool, the screw thread may be stripped. • Check the dial and screw (*1) on the bracket periodically, and use them without any loosening. • Round off the cut edge of the bracket strap to prevent injury. COMPONENTS Light unit H-34N Bracket Rechargeable battery x 2 Battery charger (Various forms according to the specifi cations) Dot section How to remove batteries 1 2 Release button Strap HOW TO MOUNT THE LIGHT 3 Screw Bracket Rubber pad 1 2 H-34N Bracket Special nickel-hydride rechargeable battery x 2 (Ni-MH 2.2Ah GP220AAH) CHA-2.2AH-2.4V SPARE PARTS 5338827N 5341890 Switch Battery charger To AC power outlet Charge jack cover INTRODUCTION Before using the light, please read this manual and the attached “NiMh Batteries” thoroughly, and keep them for future reference. FOR SAFE OPERATION • Do not place it within children’s reach. • In preparation for unexpected battery shutoff, we recommend you carry a spare battery. • If the light unit or parts become dirty with mud, etc., clean with a soft cloth which is moistened with mild soap. Never apply paint thinner, benzine or alcohol; damage will result. • Mount the light unit more than 10 cm away from the wireless meter. When it is mounted too close, the transmission may be affected adversely. • This product has waterproof features that allow you to use it in light rain (ANSI/ NEMA FL1). Do not use it in heavy rain. • Operate the switch after you stop your bicycle. Before Initial Use The rechargeable battery supplied is charged enough to check the light. Be sure to install it to the light and charge it before use, according to the instructions “How to charge.” UL : 5341880 UK : 5341881 EC : 5341882 AS : 5341884 LIMITED WARRANTY 2-year Warranty: Light unit / Battery charger (Deterioration of the battery is excluded.) CatEye products are warranted to be free of defects from materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from original purchase. If the product fails to work during normal use, CatEye will repair or replace the defect at no charge. Service must be performed by CatEye or an authorized retailer. To return the product, pack it carefully and enclose the warranty certifi cate (proof of purchase) with instruction for repair. Please write or type your name and address clearly on the warranty certifi cate. Insurance, handling and transportation charges to CatEye shall be borne by person desiring service. For UK and REPUBLIC OF IRELAND consumers, please return to the place of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights. 2-8-25, Kuwazu, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0041 Japan Attn: CATEYE Customer Service Section Phone : (06)6719-6863 Fax : (06)6719-6033 E-mail : support@cateye.co.jp URL : Service & Research Address for USA CATEYE Service and Research Center 1705 14th St. 115 Boulder, CO 80302 Phone : 303.443.4595 Toll Free : 800.5CATEYE Fax : 303.473.0006 E-mail : service@cateye.com URL : CO.,LTD. HOW TO INSTALL BATTERY In place of rechargeable batteries, AA batteries can be used for this light. 1 Slide the cover backward, while pressing down the dot section on the top of the unit. 2 Replace batteries according to the marks on the unit, and replace the cover. CAUTION!: • Do not use a dry battery (primary battery) together with a rechargeable battery. Do not use a new battery in combination with an old battery. • Be sure to install batteries in the correct direction. • Remove and store batteries when you will not use the light for a long period of time. Otherwise, batteries may leak liquid, which may result in failure. HOW TO USE 1 Lighting (lighting pattern selection) The ON/OFF and lighting pattern are selected using a switch. Switch Standard continuous lighting time ON - OFF : Long press Hi - Low : Single press Flash : Quick double press Hi : About 9 hours Low : About 20 hours Flash : About 80 hours * When returning from Flash to ON (Hi or Low), it returns to the ON mode used previously. Remaining battery capacity When the switch (indicator) lights up red, the battery is almost shutoff. Charge or replace the battery as soon as possible. 2 How to charge DANGER!!: • Do not to charge when dry batteries are installed. • Be sure to use CatEye rechargeable battery and...


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