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User manual Fujita Cameras, model CGTV510651

Manafacture: Fujita Cameras
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When you clean the TV set, please pull out the power plug from AC outlet. Don't clean the cabinet and the screen with petrol, paraffin or otherpowerful solvents. Permanent damage will result ! 4. Do not place the TV set near rain or moisture as it may cause an electric shock, or the TV set to catch fire. The TV set must only be used in dry in door locations. 5. The back cover must only be removed by a registered electrical service person. Removing the back cover may result in electric shock, fire or damage to the TV set. 3. Don't place theTV set in direct sunlight or near aheat source. 6. If the TV set is not going to be used for a long time, or there is a severe thunder & Lighting storm, we recommended that the TV set be disconnected you disconnect the TV set from the AC power outlet and remove the aerial plug. 2. In order to prolong the life of the product, please use in a well ventilated location. Leave a 10cm gap around it. Do not obstruct air flow with soft furnishings above or beneath. Cleaning the tube If the picture tube require cleaning, disconnect the power and use a dry soft cotton cloth. Do not use any cleaner or abrasive cloths. OUT IN VIDEO L R AUDIO COAXIAL Installation Aerial Connection If the picture is not clear or snowy, we recommend that you use an outdoor aerial.In different places, the suitable antenna type and position are different. Preparation for the remote control Battery installation Tips for remote operation Remove the battery cover. ! When the remote control will not be used for a long period of time or when the batteries are worn out, remove the batteries to prevent leakage. ! Do not throw the batteries into fire. Dispose of used batteries at your local recycling centre. ! Do not drop, dampen or disassemble the remote control. Insert two size AA batteries matching the +/-polarities of the battery to the +/- marks inside the battery compartment. ! ! 300 twin-lead cable Antenna adapter 75 coaxial cable Plug AC power socket Aerial input 75 standard coaxial type Note: * It is recommended that a 75 ohm coaxial antenna is used to avoid interference. *To avoid interference from electrical signals, do not bind the antenna cable together with any mains lead. (...


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