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User manual Melissa, model 630-016

Manafacture: Melissa
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manual abstract

no.: color: power: voltage: capacity: product meas. (HxWxD): gilt box meas. (HxWxD): netto weight: gross weight: logistic info:_ 4 x 1,5V AA alkaline batteries, not includec 60 memory 10,4x15,1x4,5 cm 18x12x9 cm 5 kc kc bar code: qty. per export carton: 20'/40'/40'HQ cont. qty: export carton size (HxWxD): export carton gross weight: 5707160300166 10 pcs 10000/20000/22000 pcs 49x21x28,5 cm 5.5 kc Upperarm blood pressure monitor • Full automatic with large LCD display • Automatic power off after 1 min. • Including practical storage-bag • Displays the systolic and the diastolic blood pressure and pulse at the same time • Portable and compact • Inducator for low battery • Blood pressure level classification indicator • 60 memory • Time and date display • Digital thermometer • For oral, rectal or underarm use • Full automatic, Beeper signals thermometer is ready to read, Auto shut-off www.adexi.eu...


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