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User manual True Fitness, model TrueStretch

Manafacture: True Fitness
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By encouraging your members to loosen up, you're helping them reduce their risk of injury. The TrueStretch is used by professional and collegiate athletes, personal trainers, and facilities just like yours to add flexibility to every workout routine. INSTRUCTION CHART ► Stretch Safely Designed by Gary Gray, an internationally renowned physical therapist, author, and fitness educator; the TrueStretch keeps users in a natural, upright position during all stretches, simulating real-world activity. The body is always in contact with the machine and is always properly aligned, providing for safe and effective stretching every time. do-it-yourself full-body flexibility Exercise and athletic activity requires the body to perform in three planes of motion: front to back, side-to-side and rotationally. The TrueStretch includes a full-color, easy-to-follow chart of 96 different stretches designed to maximize range of motion for the entire body. Photos of each stretching exercise are displayed on a placard mounted directly to the machine and provide step-by-step instructions for a complete stretching regimen, from simple warm-up to performance-enhancing stretches. Space-Saving, Durable Design The TrueStretch is a sturdy, space-saving machine that will discourage users from lying on the floor or using other equipment in the gym that isn’t designed for effective stretching. This unit delivers maximum value to every exercise routine without robbing you of valuable floor space. The tubular steel frame is fused to a 48" W x 60" L non-skid platform, providing a solid and safe stretching base for every user. And, the silver-gray powder coat finish will keep your TrueStretch looking like new through decades of use. Maximum User Weight 500 lbs (227 kg) Frame Structural Tubular Steel Frame Footprint 87"H x 60"D x 48"W (221 cm x 153 cm x 122 cm) Weight 180 lbs (82 kg) Base Surface Polyethylene Platform with Non-skid Rubber Padding Finish Durable Powder Coat Paint Warranty Parts (1) Labor (1) ©2007,TRUE FITNESSTECHNOLOGY, INC. truefitness.com | 800.426.6570...


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