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User manual True Fitness, model PSX

Manafacture: True Fitness
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manual abstract

Developed specifically for the light commercial market, the TRUE PSX with its patented Core Drive™ system is centered to deliver a perfectly balanced, total-body workout. The natural motion of the PSX is unmatched by front- or rear-drive elliptical machines, and the exclusive side steps allow the user to (,step off” and isolate the upper-body. The compact footprint along with the self-generating power source allows for placement virtually anywhere - maximizing valuable floor space. The PSX is the only full-body, cross-training elliptical machine for your facility. Quick Start* Yes Key Functions Numeric Keypad Express Command Keys Yes Pre-set- workout-s 4 - Random, Fat Burn, Cardio, Hills Entertainment- Ready No Heart Rate Monitorinq Contact Heart Rate+Wireless HRC [Heart Rate Control*) Yes HRC Workouts 1 Target Cruise Control* Yes Pause Feature No Reading Rack / CD Holder Yes Rccessary / Water Bottle Holder Yes Safety Features Extended Handrails for Easy Entry & Exit, Side Step-on Areas & Low Step-up Height Upper-Body Only Rrms Ergonomically Designed Pedal Spacing 2" (5 cm) Footpad Surface Soft Step™ Cushioned Anti-fatigue Material Step-up Height FootSkate Lowest Position 11" (28 cm) Transport Wheels 2 in front Power Source Self Generating Frame Powder Coated Welded Steel Footprint 63"H X 61"L X 35"W (160 cm X155 cm X 89 cm) Elliptical Weight 352 lbs (160 kg) Maximum User Weight 300 lbs (136 kg) Warranty Frame (Life), Parts (3), Labor (1)...


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