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User manual True Fitness, model P100

Manafacture: True Fitness
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Compare your heart rate with how you feel to ensure your safety and comfort. You need to wear a heart rate monitoring chest strap to use heart rate control. See the “Monitoring Your Heart Rate” section in Chapter 1 for a guide to proper usage. CONStaNT HRC 24 PS50 & PS100 Owner's GuiDE rSTRUE r2TRUE Types of HRC Maximum Heart RarE And TaRGEt HEarr RatE How These Modes work CHAPTER FOUR: HEART RATE CONTROL The PS50 & PS100 Bike has two types of heart rate control: • Constant: pick a target heart rate, and the bike will control your workout from the very beginning so that you reach your target within five to seven minutes. • Cruise Control: while in any program, set your current heart rate as your target by pressing a single key. Remember to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program. She can help determine an appropriate target heart rate. Medications often affect heart rate. PS50 & PS100 Owner's GuidE 25 HEART RATE CONTROL PROGRAMS CHAPTER FOUR: HEART RATE CONTROL Constant HRC is the best-known type of HRC, and is the easiest to use. The bike will gradually raise your heart rate so that you reach your target within 5 to 7 minutes. Note that as you tire during your workout, especially in the last third, workload will usually have to be reduced to keep you at a steady target heart rate. Cruise Control is the simplest way to enter Constant HRC training. While in manual or any program you can enter Constant HRC by simply pressing the Heart Rate Control key. Your current heart rate will be set as the target. For best results, you should be at least five minutes into your workout and warmed up. This will allow Cruise Control to more accurately control your heart rate. Remember, you must be wearing a chest strap, and your heart rate should be displayed in the Heart Rate window. To change your target heart rate press Heart Rate Control. Edit the target using ^ Q or numeric keys and press . Constant hrc Cruise Control 26 PS50 & PS100 Owner's Guide rSTRUE r2TRUE IMPORTANT POINTS ABOUT HRC CHAPTER FOUR: HEART RATE CONTROL Target heart RATE Tips The heart rate monitor transmitter strap should be worn according to the guidelines in Chapter 1. If the transmitter strap is adjusted or moved while exercising, heart rate monitoring may be temporarily affected. If communication is lost for 30 seconds, the bike will exit the HRC workout into a manual workout. The transmitter strap sends a low-level radio signal to the bike, so interference from other radio and sound waves (including everything from cordless telephones to loudspeakers) is possible. The good news is that this interference is usually quite brief. If you continue to have intermittent heart rate display problems, consult your local service technician, as the transmitter strap batteries may be low. Make sure you breathe smoothly and regularly. Talking during your workout usually causes heart rate spikes of five beats per minute or more, so avoid talking as much as possible. Maintain a smooth walking or running motion. Two users wearing the same kind of transmitter at the same time and in close proximity may cause false heart rate display readings. PS50 & PS100 Owner's GuidE 27 F2TRLJE Chapter Five Designing an Exercise program in This Chapter: The F.i.T. Concept Defined Utilizing the F.i.T. Concept beginning your F.i.T. program Establishing and Maintaining Fitness Weight Management A Sports Training program Chapter 1: Riding Your Bike Chapter 2: The Display Chapter 3: Manual and Pre-Set Programs Chapter 4: Heart Rate Control Chapter 5: Designing an Exercise Program Chapter 6: Care and Maintenance 29 The F.i.T. Concept Defined CHAPTER FIVE: DESIGNING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM The workout portion of your exercise program consists of three major variables: Frequency, Intensity, and Time. Frequency: How Often You Exercise You should exercise three to five times a week to improve your cardiovascular and muscle fitness. Improvements are significantly smaller with less frequent exercise. Intensity: How Hard You Exercise Intensity of exercise is reflected in your heart rate. Exercise must be sufficiently rigorous to strengthen your heart muscle and condition your cardiovascular system. Only your doctor can prescribe the target training heart range appropriate for your particular needs and physical condition. Start with exercise that stimulates you to breathe more deeply. Alternate days of moderate and easy exercise to help your body adapt to new levels of exertion without unnecessary strain. If you are just beginning an exercise program, you may be most comfortable using your bike at low workloads. As you use your bike regularly, higher workloads may be more comfortable and more effective. If you feel out of breath before you have exercised 12 minutes, you are probably exercising too hard. what is the F.i.T. concept? 30 PS50 & PS100 Owner's Guide rSTRUE F2TRLJE more F.i.T. concept over...

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