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User manual ParaBody, model DT1000 831.288261

Manafacture: ParaBody
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Insert the seat knob into the frame and the seat post, and tighten the seat knob into the frame. Make sure to insert the seat knob through one of the holes in the seat post; do not insert the seat knob under the seat post. Seat Seat Post Frame Seat Knob LEVELING THE LIFESTYLER. DT1000 If the exercise bike does not rest evenly on the floor, the problem may be corrected with the adjustable caps on the front stabilizer. Rotate one or both caps until the exercise bike rests evenly on the floor. Front Stabilizer Adjustable Cap DESCRIPTION OF THE ELECTRONIC MONITOR The electronic monitor features five modes that provide instant exercise feedback during your workouts. The modes are described below. . SpeedNDisplays your pedaling speed, in miles per hour. . TimeNDisplays the length of time you have exercised. Note: If you stop pedaling for ten seconds or longer, the time mode will pause until you resume. . DistanceNDisplays the total distance you have pedaled, in miles. . CalorieNDisplays the approximate number of Calories you have burned. . ScanNDisplays the speed, time, distance, and calorie modes, for 5 seconds each, in a repeating cycle. BATTERY INSTALLATION Before the electronic monitor can be operated, two OAAO batteries must be installed. If you have not installed batteries, see assembly step 5 on page 5. 6 HOW TO OPERATE THE ELECTRONIC MONITOR 1. To turn on the power, press the on/reset button or simply begin pedaling. When the power is turned on, the entire display will appear for two seconds. The electronic monitor will then be ready for operation. 2. Select one of the five modes: Scan modeNWhen the power is turned on, the scan mode will automatically be selected. One mode arrow will show that the scan mode is selected, and a flashing mode arrow will show which mode is currently displayed. Note: If a different mode is selected, you can select the scan mode again by repeatedly pressing the mode button. Speed, time, distance or calorie modeNTo select one of these modes for continuous display, press the mode button repeatedly. The mode arrows will show which mode is selected. (Make sure that the scan mode is not selected.) 3. To reset the display, press the on/reset button. 4. To turn off the power, simply wait for about four minutes. Note: The monitor has an Oauto-offO feature. If the pedals are not moved and the monitor buttons are not pressed for four minutes, the power will turn off automatically in order to conserve the batteries. 7 8 Inspect and tighten all parts of the LIFESTYLER. DT1000 regularly. Replace worn parts immediately. The DT1000 can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Keep liquid away from the electronic monitor. Keep the monitor out of direct sunlight or the display may be damaged. Remove the batteries when storing the DT1000. ELECTRONIC MONITOR TROUBLE-SHOOTING If the electronic monitor does not function properly, the batteries should be replaced. See assembly step 5 on page 5 for instructions. In addition, make sure that the ...

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Fitness Equipment - DT1000 831.288261 (538.88 kb)
Fitness Equipment - DT1000 831.288261 (538.88 kb)
Fitness Equipment - DT1000 831.288261 (538.88 kb)
Fitness Equipment - DT1000 831.288261 (538.88 kb)


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