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User manual IOGear, model GKM512

Manafacture: IOGear
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only) or 1-949-453-8782 Warranty Information This product carries a 3 Year Umited Warranty. For the terms and conditions of this warranty, please go to or call 1-866-946-4327 Register online at Important Product Information Product Model_ Serial Number_ Contact IOGEAR Inc. Address: 23 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618 USA Toll Free: 866-9-IOGEAR Phone: 949-453-8782 Web site: Email: support@logear.com * FUN IOGEAR offers connectivity solutions that are Innovative, fun, and stylish, helping people enjoy daily life using our high technology products. m GREEN IOGEAR is an environmentally conscious company that emphasizes the importance of conserving natural resources. The use of our technology solutions helps reduce electronic waste. k HEALTH IOGEAR supports healthy and fit lifestyles. By integrating products with the latest scientific developments, lOGEAR’s solutions enhance the life of end-users. © 2008 IOGEAR, INC. Introduction Start Here! |B| Keyboard 01. Previous Track button 02. Play/Pause button 03. Next Track button 04. Volume Down button 05. Volume Up button 06. Num Lock LED - turns on when Num Lock key is pressed 07. Caps Lock LED - turns on when Caps Lock key is pressed 08. Scroll Lock LED - turns on when Scroll Lock key is pressed 09. Foldable legs - allow you to adjust the angle of the keyboard 10. Drain Holes Welcome Thank you for purchasing the Spill Resistant Desktop. The low-profile keyboard features comfortable, quiet, and responsive keys. The optical mouse provides great accuracy over most surfaces and minimal hand movement due to its 800 dpi resolution. Package Contents 1 Spill resistant USB keyboard 1 5-button USB optical mouse 1 Wrist rest 1 Quick start guide Features ©Sß&guIDöGuide Spill Resistant Desktop • Newly designed slim and stylish keyboard provides better tactile feel and accurate key response • 800 dpi high resolution optical mouse delivers precise cursor movement and can be used on most surfaces • Detachable rubber coated wrist rest provides comfortable typing experience • Spill resist feature protects your keyboard from accidental spills and splashes • Forward/Back buttons accelerate browsing of Web pages and documents • Quick access to some of the most common tasks such as play/pause, volume control, and change tracks • Easy Installation and running in minutes • Solid 3-year limited warranty Requirements • Available USB port • IBM-compatible PC or Mac* • PC System requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista • Mac System requires MAC OS X (10.2.x or later)* •Multimedia/Function keys not supported with Mac GKM512 Q1071 и и Hardware Installation ¡Ц Mouse 01. Left-click button 02. Scroll wheel 03. Right-click button 04. Back button 05. Forward button 06. Optical Sensor - 800 dpi optical sensor Connect the USB plugs of the keyboard and mouse to available USB ports on your computers. Windows will start to install driver automatically. No additional software installation needed. Congratulations! This is all you need to do to enjoy your new keyboard and mouse. The function keys should all work without any software installed. Apple Keyboard Mapping Windows Key Mac Function F12 Dashboard Hold F12 Eject CD Scroll Lock Brightness - Pause Break V Brightness + 0...


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