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User manual Philips, model GC670/05

Manafacture: Philips
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Photos and specs  Philips  GC670/05
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Si necessaire, repetez la procedure pour un nettoyage en profondeur. Assurez-vous que le reser voir d’eau contient de l’eau avant de commencer le detar trage. NL Bij ontkalking worden kalk en onzuiverheden die zich na langdurig gebruik in de stomer hebben opgehoopt, verwijderd. Wij raden aan om iedere maand te ontkalken. Herhaal zo nodig de stappen voor grondigere reiniging. Zorg er voor dat het waterreser voir wat water bevat voordat u begint met ontkalken. RU Функция очистки от накипи позволяет удалить накипь и посторонние примеси, которые появляются внутри отпаривателя после длительного использования. Мы рекомендуем использовать функцию очистки от накипи один раз в месяц. В случае необходимости повторите шаги для более тщательной очистки. Перед началом очистки от накипи убедитесь в наличии воды в резервуаре. Problem Possible cause Solution EN The appliance does not The steamer has not Let the appliance heat up for approx. produce any steam. heated up sufficiently. 30 seconds. The water tank is empty. Refill the water tank. Steam has condensed in the Lift the steamer head to straighten the supply hose. supply hose.This allows any condensa tion to flow back into the water tank. Accessories do not fit You have placed the acces-Follow the order shown on page 8. inside the compar tment. sories into the compar t-The order is also shown inside the ment in the wrong order. compar tment. Hanger poles come loose The poles have not been See page 5 for instructions on how to when I carr y the steamer. fastened properly. fasten the poles. GC670:The steamer does The appliance is in ‘keep Press the + button to restar t steaming. not produce any steam. warm’ mode. Hanger poles are not stable. The poles have not been fastened properly. See page 5 for instructions on how to fasten the poles. Steam comes out at the The steamer hose is not Switch off the steamer. Wait until the hose connection on the properly connected to the steamer has cooled down. Unscrew the steamer. steamer. hose and reconnect it securely. Hanger poles do not stay The clips have not been Fasten the clips again. in place and keep falling fastened properly. down. The stand is too high. You have not adjusted the Undo the clips on the poles and adjust stand to a proper height. the height of the stand to a comfor table working height. An excessive amount of The water in the appliance Remove all water from the water tank water drips out of the is dir ty or has been left and rinse it with clean water. steamer head when the inside too long. appliance is heating up. GC660: All LEDs flash. Send steamer to ser vice centre for repair. Problem Ursache Losung Problem Ursache Losung DE Das Dampfgerat erzeugt Die Dampfeinheit ist noch Lassen Sie das Gerat ungefahr keinen Dampf. nicht vollstandig aufgeheizt. 30 Sekunden lang aufheizen. nicht ausreichend auf. Der Wasserbehalter ist leer. Fullen Sie den Wasserbehalter. Dampf ist im Verbindungs- Heben Sie den Kopf der Dampfeinheit schlauch kondensier t. an, um ...

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