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User manual Bryant, model HUMBBLFP1025-A

Manafacture: Bryant
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Adjust the humidistat setting according to the outside temperature. Refer to Table 2 as a general guide. If after several days, the air in your home seems too moist, lower the humidistat setting. Condensation on single-pane windows indicates excessive moisture. If the air is too dry, increase the setting. Dry throat and nasal passages indicate dry air. • All models come with a humidistat. Continuous blower operation provides for constant humidification. It may also contribute to greater personal comfort because continuous blower operation minimizes temperature differences throughout the home. Furthermore, a system equipped with an electronic air cleaner offers the added benefit of full- time air filtration. • Supply- and return-air grilles should not be blocked by items such as drapes, furniture, and toys. Restricted airflow reduces the efficiency of the humidifier, as well as that of the whole comfort system. • The humidifier unit must be properly maintained on a regular basis. STARTUP PROCEDURES 1. Open the saddle valve on the water supply line. (See Fig. 4.) Set humidistat to the desired relative humidity. (See Fig. 5 and Table 2.) 2. Turn the furnace on and adjust the thermostat to a high temperature setting. Be sure that the furnace blower is operating. 3. Check to see if water is flowing into the humidifier. Table 2— Humidistat Settings RECOMMENDED HUMIDISTAT OUTSIDE SETTING TEMPERATURE(% RELATIVE (°F) HUMIDITY) –20 15 –10 20 (LOW) –0 25 10 30 20 35 30 40 (MED) —2— HUMIDISTAT HUMIDISTAT Fig. 4—Saddle Valve Fig. 5 • On a Model HUMBBLBP or Model HUMBBLFP humidifier, loosen the thumbscrew that holds the distributor cover to the top of the cabinet. Lift up the distributor cover slightly to make certain that water is flowing from the solenoid valve into the distributor pan. Do not lift the cover off the cabinet more than 1 in. when water is flowing. (See Fig. 6 or 7 according to the model you own.) SOLENOID VALVE DISTRIBUTOR COVER DISTRIBUTOR PAN EVAPORATOR PAD CABINET BOTTOM ACCESS. PANEL Fig. 6— Model HUMBBLBP2018-A- • On a Model HUMBBSBP humidifier, gently pull the latch that secures the access door. Remove the door. Check to see if water is flowing from the solenoid valve into the evaporator pad. (See Fig. 8.) • On a Model HUMBBSFP humidifier, open the side door or the front cover. If the front cover is opened, hold the pad assembly in place. Check to see if water is flowing from the solenoid valve into the distributor pan. (See Fig. 9.) • On a Model HUMBBWTR unit, look through the window on front of the unit to see that the evaporator pad is rotating and water is flowing. (See Fig. 10.) The Model HUMBBWTR is controlled by a float valve. Turning off the furnace will not affect the water flow until float level is achieved. (See Fig. 11.) SOLENOID VALVE DISTRIBUTOR COVER DISTRIBUTOR PAN EVAPORATOR PAD CABINET BOTTOM ACCESS PANEL Fig. 7— Model HUMBBLFP1025-A- INLET CABINETRECTIFIER SOLENOID VALVE DISTRIBUTOR PAN EVAPORATOR PAD DUCT HOUSING SIDE ACCESS DOOR DRAIN Fig. 8— Model HUMBBSBP2017-A- CABINET FRONT COVER SCREWS (4) PAD ASSEMBLY SIDE ACCESS DOOR Fig. 9— Model HUMBBSFP1016-A- 4. Turn off the furnace. When the blower stops, look into the humidifier to make sure the water is not flowing into the unit. 5. Replace the cover assembly and fasten securely. 6. Now, turn the furnace on and set the thermostat for desired room temperature. SHUTDOWN PROCEDURES To shut down you...

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