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User manual Bryant, model HUMBBLBP2018-A

Manafacture: Bryant
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REFRESHING MOISTURE . . . AS NATURE INTENDED Congratulations on your excellent choice and sound investment in this addition to your home comfort system. Your humidifier represents both the latest in engineering development and the culmination of many years of experience from one of the most reputable manufacturers of comfort systems. Your new unit is among the most energy- efficient and reliable home humidifiers available today. To assure its dependability, spend a few minutes now with this booklet. Learn about the operation of your humidifier and the small amount of maintenance it takes to keep it operating at peak efficiency. With minimal care, your humidifier will provide you and your family with moist, spring-fresh air—from season to season and year to year. YOUR HOME HUMIDIFIER YOUR HOME CAN BE DRIER THAN DEATH VALLEY During the heating season, your home can become uncomfortably dry. This is because cold winter air holds very little moisture. When outdoor air is warmed to average room temperature, its relative humidity falls to even lower levels. Refer to Table 1 for a comparison of the levels of relative humidity for a few sample environments. Table 1—Relative Humidity Comparison HEATED HOME RECOMMENDED RELATIVE HUMIDITY SAHARA DESERT DEATH VALLEY HEATED HOME AVERAGE 35% 25% 23% 5-15% Parched air can cause the wood used in the construction of your house and furnishings to dry, crack, and split. Draperies and upholstery may age prematurely. Annoying static electric shock and cling are more prevalent. Your throat, nasal passages, sinuses, and skin are more susceptible to irritating dryness. You may even have to set the thermostat higher than otherwise necessary—just to feel warm. MOISTURE MAKES A REFRESHING DIFFERENCE Proper humidity control can alleviate problems caused by excessive dryness. Furnishings and fabrics take on a more lustrous appearance. Houseplants thrive. Static electricity is significantly reduced in a properly humidified home. Your family will breathe more easily and find relief from the cool, drafty feeling commonly experienced in overly dry homes. The additional moisture supplied by your humidifier may enable you to reduce the temperature setting on your thermostat— without any loss of indoor comfort. HOW YOUR HUMIDIFIER WORKS Your humidifier adds water molecules to the air inside your home. Although the rate of humidification is variable, it may exceed one-half gallon of water per hour. That’s a healthy drink for a dry household. The typical process of humidification begins when water flows through the humidifier valve and soaks the large evaporator pad. Hot, dry air from the furnace passes through the pad and absorbs the water. Then, this moisture-laden air is distributed throughout the house via the ductwork. See Fig. 1, 2, and 3. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 EVAPORATOR PAD HUMIDIFIED AIR DRY AIR DRAIN DRY AIR HUMIDIFIED AIR TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS OPERATING YOUR HUMIDIFIER Your new humidifier is designed to operate as part of your home heating system. It will perform at maximum efficiency if these recommendations are followed: • The humidifier is controlled by a humidistat. Adjust the humidistat setting according to the outside temperature. Refer to Table 2 as a general guide. If after several days, the air in your home seems too moist, lower the humidistat setting. Condensation on single-pane windows indicates excessive moisture. If the air is too dry, ...

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