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User manual True Fitness, model CS8

Manafacture: True Fitness
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Now, 25 years later, True Fitness has established its reputation as one of the oldest and most respected fitness equipment manufacturers worldwide. While True treadmills continue to enjoy top reviews from major consumer magazines and fitness experts, its line of products has expanded. 'OUR ORIGINAL goal was to build the world's best fitness equipment, and today we believe we're doing it!” -Frank Trulaske Today True also produces award-winning exercise bikes, ellipticals, and TrueStretch, our patented flexibility unit. True Fitness is dedicated to always staying a step ahead of the competition and supplying its valued customers with the finest workout equipment in the industry. True's equipment is designed to accommodate the needs of everyone from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior. So, with a solid 25 years of fitness experience, you can count on True Fitness both now and in the future to meet your goals for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Review for Your Safety Important Safety Instructions When using this exercise machine, basic precautions should always be followed, which includes the following: Read and understand all instructions and warnings prior to use. Obtain a medical exam before beginning any exercise program. If at any time during exercise you feel faint, dizzy, or experience pain, stop and consult your physician. Obtain proper instruction prior to use. Inspect the bike for incorrect, worn, or loose components and do not use until corrected, replaced, or tightened prior to use. Do not wear loose or dangling clothing while using the bike. Care should be used when mounting or dismounting the bike. Read, understand, and test the emergency stop procedures before use. Disconnect all power before servicing the bike. Do not exceed maximum user weight of 300 lbs. Keep children and animals away. All exercise equipment is potentially hazardous. If attention is not paid to the conditions of equipment usage, death or serious injury could occur. CS 8.0 Owner's Guide 3 F2 TRUE Quick Start Guide Starting Up During your Workout pausing your Workout Begin pedaling. The display will start up in WORKOUT SETUP. QUICK START into a manual workout by pressing ] . SELECT A DIFFERENT WORKOUT by pressing the program keys. Press program keys more than once for more programs. ACCEPT EACH SETTING AND MOVE TO THE NEXT ONE by pressing 4^^. Enter your personal data — weight, age, and sex — for best results. BEGIN YOUR WORKOUT by pressing . at any time. ADJUST YOUR EXERCISE WORKLOAD by using the + or “ keys or the numeric keys. VIEW DIFFERENT DISPLAY DATA by pressing the Change Display key © to alternate between two different sets of data. CHANGE WORKOUTS on-the-fly by pressing other program keys, or by pressing the Workout Setup key © for a completely different workout. The bike will retain your workout data for about 15 seconds after you stop pedaling. CS 8.0 Owner's Guide 5 Table of Contents f 1 - Introduction Top Features, Fancy Features, Basic Features page9 •---- " 4 - Workout N Setup Setting Up Workout, During Workout and Smart Start page 27 7 - Heart Rate Control Three different types of heart rate feedback workouts page 39 ^ 2 - Riding Your Bike Workout Program Basics, Heart Rate Monitoring, Contact Heart Rate page 13 _____'' " 5 - Manual " Control Personal Power Fine Control, Bike Mode page 31 в Calorie Goal Workout An easy way to achieve your workout goal page 49 6 - Pre-Set Programs Program Choices and Profiles, Custom Intervals page 33 f 9 - Designing N Your Own Workout Create a personalized workout page 53 11 - Medical and Ergometer Mode What these modes do and how they differ page 65 CS 8.0 Owner's Guide F2TRUE б r2TRUE ^ 12 - Other ^ Functions More workout options page 69 f Appendix C CS 8.0 Bike controls and exercise intensity page 97 Table of contents Creating an Exercise Plan Using the F.I.T. concept to create a fitness program page 71 V__' ^ Appendix A N Maximum Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate page 89 Appendix D American College of Sports Medicine Position and Stand on Exercise and Fitness page 101 14 - Setup Mode ^ Setup mode and customizable options page 81 Appendix B 'N Maximal Oxygen Upake and METS page 93 Appendix E Specifications page 105 f Bibliography ^ References and selected readings page 107 CS 8.0 Owner's Guide 7 F2 TRUE Chapter One introduction in This Chapter: Top Features Fancy Features basic Features Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Riding Your Bike Chapter 3: The Display Chapter 4: Workout Setup Chapter 5: Manual Control Chapter 6: Pre-Set Programs Chapter 7: Heart Rate Control Chapter 8: Calorie Goal Workout Chapter 9: Designing Your Own Workout Chapter 10: Fitness Test Chapter 11: Medical and Ergometer Mode Chapter 12: Other Functions Chapter 13: Creating an Exercise Plan Chapter 14: Setup Mode Chapter 15: Care and Maintenance 9 Top Features CHAPTER ...


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