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User manual Delta Electronics, model CHDF 6260

Manafacture: Delta Electronics
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Maintenance and care • The hood must always be disconnected from the mains power supply before beginning any maintenance work. Metal grease filter • The purpose of the grease filters is to aspirate grease particles which form during cooking and it must always be used, either in the external evacuation or internal recycling function. Attention: the metal grease filters must be removed and washed, either by hand or in the dishwasher, every four weeks. Open the metal grease filter • Extract the vapout catcher, remove the rear grease filter pulling the handle designed for this purpose, then proceed in the same way to remove the front grease filter. Fig. 2. Hand washing • Soak grease filters for about one hour in hot water with a grease- loosening cleaner, then rinse off thoroughly with hot water. Repeat the process if necessary. Refit the grease filters when it are dry. Dishwasher machine • Place grease filters in dish washer. Select most powerful washing programme and highest temperature, at least 65°C. Repeat the process. Refit the grease filters when it are dry. When washing the metal grease filter in the dishwasher a slight discoloration of the filter can occur, this does not have any impact on its performance. • Clean the inner housing using a hot detergent solution only (never use caustic detergents, abrasive powders or brushes). Fig. 2 Carbon filter • The activated carbon filter should only be used if you want to use the hood in its filtering function. • To do this you will need an original AEG activated carbon filter (see special accessories). • Replacing the carbon filter The activated carbon filter must normally be replaced at least once every year. This filter cannot be washed or regenerated. To guarantee proper absorption of odours the working volume of the activated carbon must be proportionate to the hood air flow. In this case the high quality of the activated carbon will ensure efficient odour removal for approximately one year, assuming that the hood is used normally. For this reason you should always use original AEG filters only, making sure they are replaced when necessary. • Mounting 1. Pull out the vapour catcher (A). 2. Remove first the rear then the front grease filters. 3. Insert the carbon filter into the lugs of the holding frame above using the 2 red clips to retain it below, press the red clips inwards, and insert the carbon filter in the holding frame. Fig. 3. • Dismounting: 1. Press both red lugs upwards (towards the inside of the housing) and remove the carbon filter downwards. 2. Clean the internal housing only with warm washing-up liquid’ suds (never use any abrasive cleaners, brushes, or scouring agents). • Always specify the hood model code number and serial number when ordering replacement filters. This information is shown on the registration plate located on the inside of the unit. • The activated carbon filter can be ordered from the AEG technical assistance service. Fig. 3 Warning • Failure to observe the inst...

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