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User manual AEG, model CHDF 6260

Manafacture: AEG
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manual abstract

• Failure to observe these basic rules will drastically reduce the performance and increase the noise levels of the extractor hood. Introduction Extractor version • The hood is supplied as an extractor unit and can also be used with a filtering function by fitting one activated carbon filter (special accessory). • You will need original AEG carbon filter KLF 60/80 for this function (see Special Accessories). • In this version fumes are extracted to the outside via a hose. • In order to obtain the best performance the hose should have a diameter equal to the outlet hole. Filter Version • The air is filtered using a carbon filter and recirculated into the kitchen. • You will need an original AEG KLF60/80 activated carbon filter for the filtering function. (See Special Accessories). Description of the appliance Fig. 1 A = Switches (Motor, light) B = Grease filter C = Light D = Control panel E = Vapour catcher (Extractible) Hood Operation • The switches are arranged on the upper right side of the vapour catcher. (Fig. 1 - E). The numbers and symbols have the following meanings (from left to right): = Continuously variable blower control = Intensive setting = Lighting = Lighting OFF = Lighting ON The blower is controlled by shifting the sliding switch. The extractor part (vapour catcher) of the hood is used to switch the blower on and off when the appliance is switched on (Motor). When the vapour catcher of the appliance is withdrawn (without preceding disengagement of the hood via the switches), the set fan output is automatically re-engaged. If the extractor part is re-inserted without operation of the switches, first the blower is switched off. The lighting can be separately switched on and off with the sliding switch. Turn the hood on a few minutes before you start cooking then you will get an underpressure in the kitchen. It should be left on after cooking for about 15 minutes or until all odours have disappeared. Maintenance and care • The hood must always be disconnected from the mains power supply before beginning any maintenance work. Metal grease filter • The purpose of the grease filters is to aspirate grease particles which form during cooking and it must always be used, either in the external evacuation or internal recycling function. Attention: the metal grease filters must be removed and washed, either by hand or in the dishwasher, every four weeks. Open the metal grease filter • Extract the vapout catcher, remove the rear grease filter pulling the handle designed for this purpose, then proceed in the same way to remove the front grease filter. Fig. 2. Hand washing • Soak grease filters for about one hour in hot water with a grease- loosening cleaner, then rinse off thoroughly with hot water. Repeat the process if necessary. Refit the grease filters when it are dry. Dishwasher machine • Place grease filters in dish washer. Select most powerful washing programme and highest temperature, at least 65°C. Repeat the process. Refit the grease...

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