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When installing, an omnipolar disconnector with a distance of at least 3 mm between contacts must be provided. This disconnector may be for example a switch, fuses (plug fuses must be removed from the fuse box, fault current switches and remote switches with a distance of over 3 mm between contacts. The manufacture declines all responsibility for malfunctions resulting from failure to comply with the above instructions. If the power socket is applied directly above the hood this gives two advantages: 1. the socket is not visible. 2. the appliance can be disconnected at need merely be removing the plug. Electrical connection 220-240 V – by means of fixed power cable with plug. (Fixed connection of the appliance must only be carried out by an authorised electrician.) Installation Preparing the wall unit - Extractor version • The hood is supplied as an extractor unit. Before installing the hood, drill a hole in the roof of the wall unit (see item. 5). This hole is to allow passage of the outlet pipe and the power cable, and to facilitate servicing. Fig. 5 • The wall unit must have a minimum body depth (without door) of 300 mm with recessed light screen and min. 370 mm with flush- mounted light screen. The unobstructed internal height must be at least 370 mm. 82 Outlet hole (extractor-filter version) • When used as an extractor unit, the hood must be fitted with a 150mm diameter hose. Fix the flange on the hood outlet hole, using 2 screws. Fig. 6a. Filter version only • Fix the deflector to the flange. Fig. 6b. Spice rack • If a spice rack is to be incorporated in front of the hood, a minimum distance of 5 mm must be provided between the front edge of the fume extractor hood and the spice rack wall (this air gap being necessary for air circulation). • The upper part of the spice rack rear wall should be detachable (access for exhaust air hose or adjustment of furniture housing). Fig. 6a Fig. 6b Installing the fume extractor hood in the wall unit - extractor version (Filter version with carbon filter) • Apply the drilling template to the inside wall of the wall unit on the right and left sides, and mark out and predrill O 2 mm mounting holes as well as 2 x O 6 mm - 5 mm depth holes for the mounting claws (installation aids). • Unscrew the ventilation grill mounted on the appliance (1 screw), apply the exhaust air union prepared to the required exhaust air diameter, and twist it to the right to its fullest extent (so that it is retained). • Fully withdraw the vapour catcher of the hood. • Important: Detach and insert the grease filters only when the vapour catcher is fully withdrawn. Remove the grease filters. First remove the rear and then the front grease filter. • For 19 mm side walls, the spacer discs clipped in on the appliance body must be taken out. Mount the hood with 4 or 6 x O 4 mm screws. Fig. 7. Fig. 7 • Insert the hood in the furniture housing and engage both mounting claws (installation aids) on the right and left sides in the side wall ...

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