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User manual Bryant, model HRVBBSHA

Manafacture: Bryant
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A filter installed on the incoming outdoor air stream removes large airborne particles from the intake air stream before they enter the heat exchanger and reduces the maintenance required. The units’ acoustically engineered design makes the Bryant HRV the quietest on the market and ensures that comfort is felt, not heard. Unlatching two (2) suitcase style latches allows easy removal of the filters and core for cleaning. NOTE: The HRV should not be installed in an attic or unconditioned space unless provisions are made for drainline freezing and condensation. STANDARD FEATURES S Energy saving defrost cycle S Cross--flow, counterflow heat exchangers S One filter on incoming air; one filter on outgoing air to protect core S Acoustical design S No- --tools maintenance S Polypropylene heat exchanger core 1 Model number nomenclature HRV BB LHA 1 150 Brand: Bryant Electrical Supply: 1--115 Volts Maximum Capacity: 100 CFM Equipment Type: Heat Recovery Ventilator Descriptor (A Series): LHA -- Large Horizontal SVA -- Small Vertical 150 CFM 250 CFM SHA -- Small Horizontal HRV Climate Map for Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators ERV Recommended w/HRV or ERV Wall Control ERV Recommended HRV Recommended Honolulu Sacramento Salt Lake City Boise Salem Vancouver Helena Edmonton Calgary Regina Winnipeg Bismark TopekaDenver Oklahoma City Austin Baton Rouge Orlando Atlanta Columbia Raleigh Washington D.C. Nashville IndianapolisSpringfield ChicagoDes Moines Minneapolis Green Bay Milwaukee Detroit Madison Harrisburg Hartford Boston Syracuse Montreal Ottawa Timmins 2 Controls and accessories part number nomenclature K VB CN 01 01 BAU AC---Accessory CN- --- Control FL-- Filter Media TM-- Timer 01---Part Number 01---Single Pack V---Heat Recovery Ventilator A-- Original Series B-- Second Series K---Accessory Kit CONTROL DESCRIPTION BAU- ---Bryant Automatic Control BBS---Bryant Basic Control BST---Bryant Standard Control ACCESSORY DESCRIPTION 6FM---6 in. Flowmeters (2) 7FM---7 in. Flowmeters (2) 8FM---8 in. Flowmeters (2) EXH- ---Exhaust Hood HOD- ---Intake Hood KIT---Balancing Kit TIMER DESCRIPTION 20C---20-Minute Timer Kit 60M---60-Minute Adjustable Timer Kit FILTER DESCRIPTION (in.) 112---11-1/2 x 12-3/4 116---11-7/8 x 16-5/8 123---12-15/16 x 13-1/2 145---14-3/8 x 15-1/2 713---7-13/16 x 13-1/2 810---8-1/8 x 10-3/4 812---8-7/8 x 12-3/4 916---9 x 16-5/8 HRV Kit Number KVBCN0101BBS KVBCN0101BST KVBCN0101BLT KVAAC0101HCO KVAAC0101HOD KVATM010120B KVATM010160M KVAAC0101KIT KVAAC01016FM KVAAC01017FM KVAAC01018FM KVAFK0101100 WhereUsedUsedwithallHRVsUsedwithallHRVsUsedwithallHRVsasamainwallcontrolUsedasasingleintake/exhaustforHRVBBSVA1100,HRVBBSHA1100only. 2RequiredUsedwithallHRVswhen20minutemanualoperationisrequiredUsedwithallHRVs,timeisadjustablebetween10and60minutesStartupBalancingKit,includes(2)6in.FlowMeterCollars&MagnehelicGageAtstartup,when6in.ductworkisconnectedtoHRVAtstartup,when7in.ductworkisconnectedtoHRVAtstartup,when8in.ductworkisconnectedtoHRVKVAFK0201150 DescriptionBasicHRVControlStandardHRVControlBryantOneTouchControlIntakeandExhaustHoodExteriorIntakeandExhaustHood20MinutePushButtonTimer60MinuteTimerStart---UpBalancingKit6in.FlowMeterCollar7in.FlowMeterCollar8in.FlowMeterCollarInternalFilter Used with HRVBBSHA1100, HRVBBSVA1100 Unit 10 1/2 in. x 6 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. Internal Filter Used with HRVBBLHA1150, HRVBBLHA1250 Unit 15 1/2 in. x 7 in. x 5/8 in. 3 ControlDescriptionFanSpeedControlDehumidistatControlContinuousModeIntermittentModeOneTouchYesNoYesYesBasicYesNoYesNoStandardYesYesYesYesFanSpeedControlDehumidistatControlContinuousModeIntermittentModeOneTouchYesNoYesYesBasicYesNoYesNoStandardYesYesYesYes HRV Control Features Basic Control: Allows the user to manually set fan speed to low or high as required to maximize comfort. Standard Control: Offers automatic dehumidistat control and the option to select continuous or intermittent fan operation. Setting the wall control to low will activate the continuous mode. OneTouch Control: Allows control of ventilator with the touch of a button. This control will opera...

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