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User manual Creda, model 75772003S

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In order to maintain stability, it is essential that the heater be placed on a level surface and care should be taken to avoid irregular surfaces, such as may result from carpets or tiled surrounds partially protruding under the heater. The heater feet are designed to go underneath a carpet rather than standing on it; this permits the weight to be taken on a firm base. Carpet gripper should be removed from behind the heater feet. BRICKS: The heater casing and the heater storage bricks with which it must be fitted, are delivered in separate packages. The brick is common to ail heaters, packed in pairs. The brick catalogue number is 791 40201 5. 7934 and 75772001 models have 8 bricks. 7935 and 75772002 models have 1 2 bricks. 7936 and 75772003 have 16 bricks. First/ turn carton upside down Open bottom flaps on cartonThe corner fitments contain the fixing kit. 'ACW' Models Only - The Room Sensor is located at the rear of the right hand side of the heater. Carefully slide the sensor plate down from its transit position to its operational position. Stand the heater against the wall in its intended position. Mark the position of the two outside corners of the wall bracket. Carefully place the heater aside, and remove the wall bracket from the heater by removing the screw at each end. Reposition the bracket against the wall using the corner marks for alignment. Mark through slots in bracket, two at the extreme ends and the others spaced evenly between them. The slots are in groups, allowing mortar courses between bricks to be avoided, or battens, etc. to be found for the fixing holes. OPERATIONAL POSITION CARPET FITTING Cut the underlay and remove carpet gripper to clear feet, allowing heater weight to be taken on floor proper; lay carpet over feet, slitting it as shown above. It is unnecessary to cut carpet away. ' inner Slot No Skirling Board 01 , -—V-j 'Outer Slot When bracket is securely fixed, replace the heater under the bracket angle and align screw holes on heaters ends. There are two fixing slots at each end of heater, allowing different stand-offs for different thicknesses of skirting board. Do not fully tighten these screws until the bricks are loaded into the heater as some settling of the heater may occur. NOTE: NEVER REMOVE THESE SCREWS WITHOUT FIRST UNLOADING THE HEATER. See also figure 2 regarding carpets where appropriate. Note: Max. skirting size is 1 5 x 120mm. Note that the smallest wall spacing should be used only when the skirting board is of the modern slim type, or there is no skirting board at all. MUST STAND VERTICAL You must fit a retaining screw at each end of the heater. 100mm {4") Skirling Goarrf —Lf'"' Outer Siol 1 SOmm i6“> Skirting Beard It THE HEATER A clear space of at least 3" (75mm) must be left at either side of the heater, and any projections or shelves must be at least 10" (250mm) above the heater casing. Curtains must not be draped around or in contact with the casing. A shelf ...

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