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User manual MSI, model GeForce 9800GT

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manual abstract

MS-7053 ATX Mainboard
MSI Reminds You...
Even though the Dynamic Overclocking Technology is more stable
than manual overclocking, basically, it is still risky. We suggest
user to make sure that your CPU can afford to overclock regularly
first. If you find the PC appears to be unstable or reboot
incidentally, it's better to disable the Dynamic Overclocking or to
lower the level of overclocking options. By the way, if you need to
conduct overclocking manually, you also need to disable the Dy-
namic OverClocking first.

Meanwhile, there are two functions to protect user's system from

There is a safe key "Ins" in BIOS. In case the overclocking
fails, you can press "Ins" key while system rebooting to
restore to the BIOS defaults.

If the system incidentally reboot for four times, the BIOS will
also be restored to the defaults.

Adjust CPU Ratio
This item allows you to adjust the CPU ratio. Setting range is from [8] to [50].
Adjust DDR Frequency
This item allows you to set an artificial memory clock limit on the system. Please note
that memory is prevented from running faster than this frequency. Setting options:
[DDR 333], [DDR 400], [DDR 533], [Auto].
Auto Detect PCI Clk
This item is used to auto detect the PCI slots. W hen set to [Enabled], the system will
remove (turn off) clocks from empty PCI slots to minimize the electromagnetic inter-
ference (EMI). Settings: [Enabled], [Disabled].
Spread Spectrum
When the motherboard’s clock generator pulses, the extreme values (spikes) of the
pulses creates EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). The Spread Spectrum function
reduces the EMI generated by modulating the pulses so that the spikes of the pulses
are reduced to flatter curves. If you do not have any EMI problem, leave the setting at
[Disabled] for optimal system stability and performance. But if you are plagued by EMI,
select the desired range for EMI reduction. Remember to disable Spread Spectrum
function if you are overclocking, because even a slight jitter can introduce a temporary
boost in clock speed which may just cause your overclocked processor to lock up.
CPU Clock
This item allows you to select the CPU Front Side Bus clock frequency (in MHz) and
overclock the processor by adjusting the FSB clock to a higher frequency. Setting
For CPU FSB200: [200]~[500]
For CPU FSB133: [133]~[500]



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