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User manual JVC, model HR-J295EE

Manafacture: JVC
File size: 933.18 kb
File name: JVC-HR-J295EE-HR-J495EE-HR-J795EE-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
Language of manual:ru
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manual abstract

IN Задняя панель (HR-J495EE/ HR-J295EE) Шнур сетевого питания Отделение для литиевой батарейки ANT. IN AUDIO/VIDEO IN RF OUT AUDIO/VIDEO OUT Пульт дистанционного управления CABLE/SAT/DVD STANDBY/ONÖ/I AUDIO** [Other models in this manual:
Tape Players - HR-J495EE (933.18 kb)
Tape Players - HR-J795EE (933.18 kb)


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