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User manual Craftsman, model SECURITY + 139.53684

Manafacture: Craftsman
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manual abstract

Password can be easily changed if desired. Temporary password: Can be added for visitors or service persons. This temporary password can be limited to a programmable number of hours or a programmable number of entries. Rolling Code: While your password remains constant until you change it, the code between the Keyless Entry and the receiver changes with each use, randomly accessing over 100 billion new codes. Operation: Opener activates when 4-digit password and Enter button is pressed. If wrong numbers are accidentally pressed, correction can be made immediately. The Enter button will transmit only the last four digits. The Keypad will blink for 15 seconds after the password is transmitted. During that time the Enter button can be used to stop or reverse the door travel. The Lock feature on openers with premium door controls is designed to prevent operation of the door from portable transmitters. However, the door will open and close from the door control push button and the Keyless Entry. Setting the Personal Entry Password We recommend that you program your password now, before you install the Keyless Entry. Then you can test the reception at the mounting location before you proceed further. Choose a 4-digit password using the numbers from 0 to 9 (a number can be used more than once, for example, 4,0, 4,1.) If you have a Premium Control Console: Door Control Push button 1. With the door closed, press the four buttons for the password, then press and holdEnter. 2. Press and hold the light button on the door control, Figure 1. 3. Press and hold the door control push button. 4. After the opener light flashes, release all Light buttons. Figure 1 If you do not have a Premium Control Console: 1. Enter the four digit password desired, then press and hold Enter. 2. Press and release the SRT (learn) button on the door opener panel, Figure 2. 3. After the opener light flashes, release the Enter button. Test by pressing your password, then press Enter. The door should begin to move. This procedure can be repeated with a different password for use with a second garage door opener. Orange Figure 2 SRT (learn) Button Security: Yellow Garage Door Opener Indicator Light KG KG 1 3 9 7 5 1 3 9 7 5 1 2 3 Model 139.53684 Keyless Entry To comply with FCC rules, adjustment or modification of receiver and/or transmitter is prohibited, except for changing the password setting and replacing the transmitter battery. THERE ARE NO OTHER USER SERVICEABLE PARTS. WARNING Children operating or playing with a garage door opener can injure themselves or others. The garage door could close and cause serious injury or death.Do not allow children to operate the wall push button(s) or remote control(s). A moving garage door could injure or kill someone under it. Activate the opener only when you can see the door clearly, it is free of obstructions, and is properly adjusted. Installation The recommended Exterior Front Wall mounting locations for 1-Piece or sectional and one-piece Sectional Door doors are shown in Keypad Door Jamb Edge Figure 3.You can select (Optional Location another location if you for 1-Piece Door) prefer. However, the Door Jamb Face keypad mustbe SECTIONAL DOOR ONLY installed within sight of KEYPAD MUST BE INSTALLED the door. WITHIN SIGHT OF THE DOOR For a one-piece door, Figure 3 use the optional location shown in the illustration (on the edgeof the door jamb) to avoid injury as the door swings up and out. Test the reception of the Keyless Entry by operating your opener from the selected location. Change the location if necessary. Open the keypad and remove the battery compartment screw and cover to access the bottom mounting hole (Figure 4). Center the keypad at eye level against the selected location. Mark 4 1/4" up the centerline from the bottom and drill a 1/8" pilot hole. Install top mounting screw, allowing 1/8" to protrude above surface. Position keypad on screw head and adjust for snug fit. With cover open so bottom mounting hole is visible, use a punch to mark hole. Remove keypad and drill 1/8" pilot hole. Replace keypad and complete installation with bottom screw, using care to avoid cracking plastic housing. Do not overtighten. Battery Bottom mounting hole Battery Cover Keypad Cover Figure 4 Replace the battery cover. Side two contains instructions for changing the personal entry password and setting a temporary password. 1 Changing the Personal Entry Password Replacement Parts: Press the four buttons for the present password, then press #. The opener light will flash twice. Press the new 4-digit password you have chosen, then press Enter. The opener light will flash once when the password has been learned. Test by pressing the new password, then press Enter. The door should move. Setting a Temporary Password In addition to your personal entry password which works at all times, a 4-digit temporary password can be added for the convenience of visitors or service persons. This allows authorized persons a way to ...


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