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User manual Crown, model 24-05

Manafacture: Crown
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The 14 gauge mounting bracket must be attached to the jacket first using four (4) #8 x %” drill point sheet metal screws. One may find it easier to install some of the conduit connectors with their corresponding conduit runs onto the RTC back panel before mounting to the bracket. The actual controller can and should be removed from the back panel during the mounting process. This will eliminate the potential for accidental damage to the controller. The RTC back panel is mounted onto the bracket with (4) #8-32 x /” type F, Phillips Pan head screws supplied with the controller. The middle 3 rear knockouts should be used before utilizing the 5 knockouts exiting the bottom of the control. Depending on the final configuration, most of the controller connections could be used. Typically, the return sensor, actuator control and boiler pump exit the rear of the controller. Wire the RTC controller to the various components as shown below. The “Mix” and “Outdoor” sensor are optional and must be connected if outdoor reset function is desired. The outdoor reset function on this controller cannot be used in a multiple boiler application. A boiler sequencer must be used when an outdoor reset feature is required in a multiple boiler application. 44 -p^ en TEMPERATURE/ PRESSURE HYDRDLEVEL #550 LOW WATER CUT-OFF I TEN SIZE DESCRIPTION QTY © 1 STRAIGHT C0M3UIT CONNECTOI WITH ANT I-SHORT BUSHING { 10 © i QOMJ+OOBO CONDUIT CONNE WITH ANT I-SHORT BUSHING CTOp 73B WI RENUT, ORANGE 7 WIRE CODE BK - BLACK HI - BLUE BR - BROWN RD - RED WH - WHITE YE - YELLOW FRONT VIEW ALL WIRE 16 GA STRANDED Figure 41: Typical Boiler Wiring with RTC (Front) CROWN RETURN TEMPERATURE CONTROL ITEM SIZE DESCRIPTION QTY О 3/8 STRAIGHT CONDUIT CONNECTOR WITH ANT I-SHORT BUSHING 1 © GROMMET 1 © 73B WI RENUT. ORANGE 2 WIRE CODE BL - BLUE ALL WIRE 16GA STRANDED J-BOX 4H X4H X2¿ 3 FI WIRED BRASS WELL SENSOR TO TERM. NO'S. 12 & 13 ON RTC CONTROL Figure 42: Typical Boiler with RTC Return Sensor (Rear) SECTION IV - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS WARNING If you do not follow these instructions exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage or personal injury. If any unusual or improper operation or site conditions are observed, turn the boiler off and contact an experienced and skilled service agency. Follow component manufacturer’s instructions. Component manufacturer’s instructions were provided with the boiler. Contact component manufacturer for replacement if instructions are missing. Do not install, start up, operate, maintain or service this boiler without reading and understanding all of the component instructions. Do not allow the boiler to operate with altered, disconnected or jumpered components. Only use replacement components identical to those originally supplied with the boiler and burner. A. ALWAYS INSPECT INSTALLATION BEFORE STARTING BURNER. B. FILL HEATING SYSTEM WITH WATER. Boiler must be cleaned and fully free of oil and dirt. CAUTION Failure to clean the system will result in erratic water lines and surging, and other improper system operations. CLEAN HEATING SYSTEM IF boiler water or condensate return water is dirty or if erratic water lines or surging exist after a few days of boiler operation. Refer to step (K) for proper cleaning instructions for steam and water boilers. 1. STEAM BOILERS - Fill boiler to normal water line. As shown in Figure 1, the normal water line is 41/” from the floor or bottom of casting. At the start of each heating season and once or twice during the season try SAFETY VALVE to be sure it is in working condition. To do this, fasten wire or cord to lever of valve and pull lever — standing safe distance away from valve. 2. HOT WATER BOILERS - Fill entire Heating System with water and vent air from system. Use the following procedure on a Series Loop or Multizoned System to remove air from system when filling: a. Close isolation valve in boiler supply piping. b. Isolate all circuits by closing zone valves or balancing valves. c. Attach a hose to bib cock located just below isolation valve in boiler supply piping. (Note - Terminate hose in five gallon bucket at a suitable floor drain or outdoor area). d. Starting with one circuit, open zone valve. e. Open bib cock. f. Open fill valve (Make-up water line should be located directly above isolation valve in boiler supply piping). g. Allow water to overflow from bucket until discharge from hose is bubble free for 30 seconds. h. Open zone valve to the second zone to be purged, then close the first. Repeat this step until all zones have been purged, but always have one zone open. At completion, open all zone valves. i. Close bib cock, continue filling the system until the pressure gauge registers normal system design operating pressure. Close fill valve. (Note - If make-up water line is equipped with pressure reducing valve, system will automatically fill to normal system design operating pressure. Leav...

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