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User manual Samsung, model HDC6A90TX

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Extended use of the light reduces the average duration of the bulb. • Replacing halogen light bulbs (Fig.6): To replace the halogen light bulbs B, remove the glass pane C using a lever action on the relevant cracks. Replace the bulbs with new ones of the same type. Caution: do not touch the light bulb with bare hands. • Commands (Fig.9): Push-button A = On/off lights switch. Push-button B = On/off cooker hood switch. The appliance switches on at speed level 1, If the cooker hood is on depress the push-button for 2 sec. to switch off the cooker hood. If the cooker hood is at speed level 1 it will not be necessary to depress the push-button to switch the cooker hood off. Decreases the motor speed. Display C = Indicates the motor speed level selected and activates the timer. Push-button D = Switches on the cooker hood. Increases the motor speed. Touching the key at 3rd speed, the intensive function runs for 10’, then the appliance go back to work at the original speed. During this function the display blinks. Key E = The Timer times the functions on activation for 15 minutes, after which they are switched off. The Timer is deactivated by re-pressing Key E. When the Timer is activated the decimal point must flash on the display. The Timer cannot be activated if the intensive speed is functioning. The “clean air” function is activated by pressing key E for 2 seconds when the appliance is switched off. This switches the motor on for 10 minutes every hour at the first speed. During functioning a rotary movement of the peripheral segments must be visualised on the display. When this time has passed the motor switches off and the fixed letter “C” must be visualised on the display until the motor re-starts after 50 minutes for another 10 minutes and so on. Press any key apart from the light keys to return to normal functioning. Press key E to deactivate the function. • Active carbon/grease filter saturation: -When display item C flashes, at a speed where it alternates with the letter F (e.g. 1 and F), the grease filters must be washed. -When display item C flashes, at a speed where it alternates with the letter A (e.g. 1 and A), the carbon filters must be replaced. After the clean filter has been positioned correctly, the electronic memory must be reset by pressing button A for approximately 5 seconds, until the indication F or A shown on the display C stops flashing. THE MANUFACTURER DECLINES ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVENTUAL DAMAGES CAUSED BY BREACHING THE ABOVE WARNINGS. - 30 - Technische Eigenschappen AFZUIGKAP VOOR KEUKEN SCHOORSTENEN BEDIENINGEN VERLICHTINGALUMINIUM PANELEN Afzuigvermogen (m3/h): 500 Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz Absorptie motor: 1x170W Diameter uitgang lucht (mm): 150 Lampen: 2x20W NEDERLANDS Technische Eigenschappen AFZUIGKAP VOOR KEUKEN NEDERLANDS SCHOORSTENEN BEDIENINGEN VERLICHTING ALUMINIUM PANELEN Afzuigvermogen (m3/h): 861 Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz Absorptie motor: 1x290W Diameter uitgang lucht (mm): 150 Lampen: 2x20W Technische Eige...

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