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User manual Melissa, model 643-043

Manafacture: Melissa
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MAAHANTUOJA Adexi Group Emme ole vastuussa mahdollisista painovirheista. 33 rev_Breadmaker_IM 31/10/05 13:09 Side 34 UK INTRODUCTION To get the best out of your new breadmaker, please read through these instructions carefully before using it for the first time. Pay particular attention to the safety measures. We also recommend that you keep the instructions for future reference, so that you can remind yourself of the functions of the breadmaker. IMPORTANT SAFETY MEASURES • The breadmaker may only be used for its original purpose. •This breadmaker is not suitable for commercial or outdoor use. • Do not use the breadmaker if the cord or plug is damaged, if it is not functioning properly, or if it has been damaged by a heavy impact or similar. • The breadmaker may only be connected to 230 V, 50 Hz. • Do not block or cover the ventilation openings on the breadmaker. • Do not switch the breadmaker on when it is empty. • The breadmaker or cord must not be submerged in water or any other liquid. Do not use the appliance if your hands are wet or damp. • The breadmaker and cord must not be exposed to strong heat, direct sunlight, humidity, sharp edges or similar. • Do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of the counter, and keep it away from hot objects and naked flames. • Only use accessories recommended by the manufacturer. •Never leave the breadmaker unattended when in use and keep an eye on children. •The baking pan, heating element and baking chamber become very hot during baking. Do not touch them before they have cooled down completely! •Remove the plug from the socket after use, when cleaning or replacing accessories or if the breadmaker does not function normally. Switch the breadmaker off using the START/STOP button before unplugging it. •Avoid pulling the cord when removing the plug from the socket. Instead, hold the plug. •Never try to repair the breadmaker yourself. • If the breadmaker, cord or plug needs to be repaired, it should be taken to an authorised service centre. If the appliance is subjected to unauthorised repairs, the guarantee will become void. Contact your retailer if the repairs fall under the terms of the guarantee. KEY TO THE BREADMAKER’S PARTS 1. Lid 2. Carrying handle 3. Baking chamber 4. Heating element 5. Cord and plug 6. Control panel 7. Kneading paddle 8. Baking pan 9. Display Buttons on the control panel: 10. TIME- (time setting down) 11. TIME+ (time setting up) 12. MENU (programme) 13. START/STOP 14. LOAF SIZE 15. COLOUR (crust) PREPARING THE BREADMAKER Each individual breadmaker is checked at the factory, but for safety’s sake, after unpacking the breadmaker, you should check carefully that it has not been damaged during transport. If it appears that the breadmaker has been damaged, you must contact the shop where you bought it, and do not use it until it has been checked by an authorised specialist. Before using the breadmaker, you should check that you have removed all packaging from it both inside and out. Before using your breadmaker for the first time The non-stick coating on the baking pan must be cleaned before use. • Remove the baking pan (8) from the baking chamber (3) by turning it anti-clockwise slightly and lifting it out. •Clean the baking chamber, heating element (4) and baking pan. • Plug in. A long beep is heard and the display (9) shows 1 3:00. This means that the breadmaker is set to programme 1, and the cooking time is 3 hours. •Grease the inside of the baking pan with butter or oil and place it in the baking chamber (must be twisted into place). •Press the MENU (12) button repeatedly until the display shows 12 1:00 (programme 12, cooking time 1 hour), and switch on the breadmaker using the START/STOP button (13). The breadmaker begins to bake. • Allow the baking pan to bake empty for about 10 minutes. • Switch off the breadmaker by pressing and holding the START/STOP button for approximately 3 seconds until you hear a beep. The breadmaker has now been switched off. Open the lid and allow the baking pan to cool. Note that the display is reset to 1 3:00 when the breadmaker is switched off. •Clean the baking chamber, heating element and baking pan again. 34 rev_Breadmaker_IM 31/10/05 13:09 Side 35 OPERATING THE BREADMAKER The function of the buttons The buttons on the control panel (6) have the following functions:. BUTTON FUNCTION TIME- (10) and TIME+ (11) Used to set the timer function. Does not function in programmes 6 and 7. MENU (12) Switches between the breadmaker’s 12 programmes. The number of the current programme is shown on the display. START/STOP (13) Starts or stops the selected programme. Press and hold the button for approximately 1 second to start the programme and for approximately 3 seconds to stop the programme. LOAF SIZE (14) Used to specify the bread size. You can choose between 1.0 lb (around 500 g) and 1.5 lb (around 750 g), depending on how many ingredients are placed in the baking pan. (The recipes in the "Recipes" section contain qu...


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