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User manual LG, model GC-309B

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The smaller the figure is, the higher the temperature inside the refrigerator is. •Temperature control Position Function 0 Stop 1-2 Warm 3-4 Normal 5-6 Cold 7 Quick freezing * Power failure If power failure is known in advance,please •Turn the thermostat to "7" two hours before power failure. •Place more ice cubes in the refrigerator compartment. •Do not place anymore food in the refrigerator. •Do not open the door more than necessary. Note •Power failure leads to the rising of the freezing compartment's temperature,this may shorten the storage of foods and decline the quality. •If the power supply is off for too long,be sure to get rid of any water or ice underside the drawer of the freezing compartment before reconnection of the power supply, so as to avoid the foods and the ice freezing together. 7 HOWTO USE Defrost As the refrigerator operates, the moisture from foods or in the air may be frosted on to the inner part of the refrigerator and the surface of evaporator. Too thick frost will affect the operation of the refrigerator, so regularly defrosting is necessary. Usually, defrosting is necessary when the thickness reaches 5 mm. Drain pi •Refrigerator compartment Defrosts automatically, moisture on the inner side runs into the drip tray through the drain pipe. The heat generated by compressor evaporates the water automatically. Note: - keep the drain pipe straight so that water can inpour into the drip tray. When it's blocked,take out the drain cover,clean it and then replace it. Freezing compartment Before defrosting—turn the thermostat knob to "0",open the door,take out foods and drawer the freezing compartment,foods may be put into refrigerator compartment temporarily. Defrosting—remove the frost on the inner side of the freezing compartment and on the surf* of the evaporator with the ice scraper,then wipe off the water with a dry cloth. After defrost—turn the thermostat knob to the former position. ; in ce Ice scraper Ice making •Fill the ice tray with water to 4/5 of its capacity and place it into the freezing compartment,turn the thermostat knob to "6". •Twist the both sides of the ice tray so as to remove the ice cubes easily. 8 BEST WAYS TO STORE FOOD Refrigerator compartment The refrigerator compartment is used to store foods that are not required to be frozen,the storage life is shorter. The following foods storage position is provided for your reference. position:egg. butter etc. ®@© position: cheese, can, sauce etc. © position: beverage, bottled food etc. © position: can. sweetmeat etc. ® position: bread, can, milk etc. ® position: acid milk, sausage, meat, fish etc. © position: vegetable, fruit etc. Freezing compartment The freezing compartment is used to store frozen foods,the storage life is longer. 9 BEST WAYS TO STORE FOOD Storing the food • Store foods which are easily frozen on the outer position of the refrigerator shelf. - If foods which are easily frozen or contain a lot water are stored on the inner part of the refrigerator shelf, it will be frozen owing to low temperature. • Store the foods or other things after cleaning and wiping. - Store vegetables and fruits after cleaning and wiping. Packed food like bottle should be stored after wiping to avoid polluting the other foods. • Storing the heated food after cooling. - Storing the heated food directly in the refrigerator will affect the other foods inside and will also waste the power. • In the low temperature mode,do not store the food which can easily be rotten for a long time. • Store food after packing or putting into tight container. - Packing the food before storing can prevent drying. This can also reduce odour when storing the food for a longer time. • Do not store bottles in the Freezing Compartment. - If bottles are stored in the Freezing compartment, the liquid inside will be frozen and break the bottle. - The volume of liquid such as juice or water should not exceeding 80% of the container's volume. 10 WAYS TO DISASSEMBLE SPARE PARTS Refrigerator shelf Slightly rise the front part of the shelf, then pull outward. Refrigerating compartment door rack Grasp both sides,lift upward and then pull outward. Freezing compartment drawer Bottom cover Pull outward.Rise it slightly and Remove the two screws which then take it out. hold the bottom cover, grasp the both sides and then pull outward. Lamp - Lamp data:240V/15W - Replacement: 1. Unplug the refrigerator. 2. Press the backside of the lamp cover (shown as arrow ® ), and pull outward. 3. Remove the faulty lamp and install a new one. 4. Reload the lamp cover. 11 TO REVERSE THE DOORS (OPTION) Your fridge-freezer is designed with reversible doors,so that they may open from either the left of right hand side to suit your kitchen design. Precaution 1.Before reversing the door,first of all,you should take out food and accessories like shelves or trays which are not fixed the fridge-freezer. 2...

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