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User manual LG, model GC-309BVS

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This can also reduce odour when storing the food for a longer time. • Do not store bottles in the Freezing Compartment. - If bottles are stored in the Freezing compartment, the liquid inside will be frozen and break the bottle. - The volume of liquid such as juice or water should not exceeding 80% of the container's volume. 10 WAYS TO DISASSEMBLE SPARE PARTS Refrigerator shelf Slightly rise the front part of the shelf, then pull outward. Refrigerating compartment door rack Grasp both sides,lift upward and then pull outward. Freezing compartment drawer Bottom cover Pull outward.Rise it slightly and Remove the two screws which then take it out. hold the bottom cover, grasp the both sides and then pull outward. Lamp - Lamp data:240V/15W - Replacement: 1. Unplug the refrigerator. 2. Press the backside of the lamp cover (shown as arrow ® ), and pull outward. 3. Remove the faulty lamp and install a new one. 4. Reload the lamp cover. 11 TO REVERSE THE DOORS (OPTION) Your fridge-freezer is designed with reversible doors,so that they may open from either the left of right hand side to suit your kitchen design. Precaution 1.Before reversing the door,first of all,you should take out food and accessories like shelves or trays which are not fixed the fridge-freezer. 2.Use Torque Wrench or Spanner to fix or remove the bolt. 3.Do not lay the fridge-freezer down. This will cause problem. 4.Be careful not to drop the doors in disassembling or assembling. 5.To avoid the two doors dropping and result in physical injure,at least two persons are require to change the door opening type. How to Reverse the Doors First please operate as the following steps (Figure A): 1.Disassemble the Hinge Middle (1); 2.Remove the Refrigerator Door (2) and the Freezer Door (3) (cooperate with another person); 3.Remove the Top Cover (4); 4.Remove the pin of Hinge Upper Right and assemble it on Hinge Upper Left (5); 5.Remove the Cap Hinge and install it on the corresponding on the right side(6),install the Top Cover(7). 6.Remove the pin of Hinge Lower Right and assemble it on Hinge Lower Left (8); 7.Remove the Cap on the left of the Hinge Middle and install it on the corresponding position(9) on the right side; 8.Remove the Cap of door and install it on the corresponding position (10) on the right side ; 9.Remove the right limit on the Refrigerator Door and the Freezer Door (11). Take out the spare left limit from the bag with user manual included and install it on the corresponding position of the Refrigerator Door and the Freezer Door. 10.Remove the bush (12) on the corresponding position of the Refrigerator Door and Freezer Door. 11.Install the Refrigerator Door (13) and the Freezer Door (14) (cooperate with another person), fix the Hinge Middle on the left(15). Then please operate as the following steps (Figure B): 12.Remove the caps on the handle of the Refrigerator Door and the Freezer Door, disassemble the handle; 13.Remove the caps on the Refrigerator Door and the Freezer Door(5). 14.Fix the handles on the other side (7),install the caps on the corresponding locations(8,9); 15.For a Refrigerator with a vertical handle .please replace the handle to the opposite position. Reversing the doors is not covered by the warranty NOTE 12 TO REVERSE THE DOORS (OPTION) 13 CLEANING THE REFRIGERATOR Before cleaning - Unplug the refrigerator first to ensure safety. Cleaning • Shelf and door rack - These can easily become dirty. The inside of the refrigerator must be kept clean. Clean regulariy • Surface of refrigerator - Clean it with a soft cloth using a soapy cleanser, then dry with a clean cloth. • •i neutral detergent • Magnetic door seal - If the door seal is dirty or covered in juice for a long time, the effectiveness of magnetic door seal will be reduced. - Regular cleaning is necessary. • Fruit & Vegetable Compartment - Water can accumulate in this area. Too much water will rot the food, therefore the compartment should be taken out and cleaned regularly. • Do not shower the refrigerator with water - This will reduce the insulation and cause an electrical shock. • Please do not clean the refrigerator with the following things: - Cleaning powder, petrol benzene,hydrochloric, boiling water and brush etc.as they will damage the surface of refrigerator. Therefore please do not use them. After cleaning please check whether: - If the wire is damaged. - If the power plug is not overheating. - If the power plug is inserted properly. 14 DOES THE REFRIGERATOR HAVE A MALFUNCTION If the refrigerator still does not work properly after checking the following tasks, please unplug the refrigerator and immediately contact the specified maintenance service unit or the retail shop of this product. Situation Please check The refrigerator does not operate r A O' Is there a power failure? Is the power plug inserted into the socket? ^Isit230-240V? Does the thermostat knob turn...


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