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User manual HP, model HP Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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manual abstract

© Copyright 2015 HP Development Company, L.P.
Please download and install software from http://www.hp.com/support.
Transfira e instale o software em http://www.hp.com/support.
The information contained herein is subject to change without
.هتيبثتو http://www.hp.com/support نم جمانربلا ليزنت ىجري
Baixe e instale o software de http://www.hp.com/support.
notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set
Silakan unduh dan instal perangkat lunak dari http://www.hp.com/support.
Descărcaţi şi instalaţi software-ul de la http://www.hp.com/support.
forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such
Изтеглете и инсталирайте софтуера от http://www.hp.com/support.
Загрузите и установите программное обеспечение с веб-сайта
products and services.
Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional
Stáhněte a instalujte software ze stránek http://www.hp.com/support.
warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or
Prevezmite a nainštalujte softvér z lokality http://www.hp.com/support.
Hent og installer softwaren på http://www.hp.com/support.
omissions contained herein.
Prenesite in namestite programsko opremo s spletnega naslova
Laden Sie die Software unter http://www.hp.com/support herunter und
First Edition: November 2015
installieren Sie sie.
Lataa ja asenna ohjelmisto osoitteesta http://www.hp.com/support.
Por favor, descargue e instale el software de http://www.hp.com/support.
RMN/型號/型号: SK-2064+SM-2064+SD-2060
Preuzmite i instalirajte softver sa lokacije http://www.hp.com/support.
Κατεβάστε και εγκαταστήστε το λογισμικό από τη διεύθυνση
Du kan hämta och installera programvaran från http://www.hp.com/support.
Veuillez télécharger et installer le logiciel depuis http://www.hp.com/support.
โปรดดาวน์โหลดและติดตั้งซอฟต์แวร์จาก http://www.hp.com/support
Replace this box with PI statement as per spec.
Preuzmite i instalirajte softver s adrese http://www.hp.com/support.
Lütfen http://www.hp.com/support adresinden yazılımı indirip yükleyin.
Replace this box with PI statement as per spec.
È possibile scaricare e installare il software all’indirizzo
Завантажте та встановіть програмне забезпечення з веб-сайту
Replace this box with PI statement as per spec.
Replace this box with PI statement as per spec.
Lūdzu, lejuplādējiet un instalējiet programmatūru no vietnes

Atsisiųskite ir įdiekite programinę įrangą iš http://www.hp.com/support.
http://www.hp.com/support에서 소프트웨어를 다운로드하여 설치하십시오.
Töltse le és telepítse a szoftvert a http://www.hp.com/support webhelyről.
请通过 http://www.hp.com/support 下载并安装软件。
Download en installeer de software van http://www.hp.com/support.
請從 http://www.hp.com/support 下載並安裝軟體。
Last ned og installer programvare fra http://www.hp.com/support.
.התוא ןקתהו http://www.hp.com/support תבותכהמ הנכותה תא דרוה
Pobierz oprogramowanie ze strony http://www.hp.com/support i zainstaluj je.



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