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User manual Viconte, model VC-701

Manafacture: Viconte
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Always place low rack in the glass bowl unless otherwise noted. EXTENDER RING To be placed between glass bowl and lid for cooking turkeys and large foods. TONGS For removing hot racks and food from oven. STEAM BASKET For baking French fry without grease, using as a pizza pan, for steaming fish wrapped with aluminum foil. SKEWERS For preparing kebabs or brochettes. LID HOLDER Allow you to place a lid, while you wash a convection oven. 8 7 ROAST RACK Roast rack is composed of a dual rack (can be used as a low rack or a high rack), a bracket with eyelet and a bracket without eyelet. For roasting the chicken vertically. To assembly: 1. Put the hooks at the both end of the bracket with eyelet into the notches of the dual rack. 2. Put the other bracket through the eyelet. 3. Put the hooks of the bracket without eyelet into the notches. _IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS_ • Read all the instructions - then save for future reference. • Do not let cord hang over edge of counter. • Place convection oven securely in center of counter or work space. • Always unplug convection oven before attempting to move it. • Convection oven surfaces are hot - always supervise children while in the kitchen. • Secure lid to bowl to automatically turn power on. • Do not operate with a damaged cord. • Always unplug and cool the convection oven before cleaning. • Use two hands when moving the convection oven. • Do not allow the lid to get wet. CAUTION: ALL GLASS SURFACES OF THE CONVECTION OVEN GET VERY HOT. TOUCHING THESE SURFACES BEFORE CONVECTION OVEN COOLS WILL CAUSE A BURN. DO NOT TOUCH ANY GLASS PART OF THE CONVECTION OVEN UNTIL IT HAS HAD A CHANCE TO COOL. _BENEFITS OF YOUR CONVECTION OVEN_ • With the Convection Oven you can prepare delicious, healthful meals in less than half the time of traditional methods. What makes these superior results possible is our revolutionary approach to certain time-honored cooking methods. • Professional cooks have long known that they could improve upon traditional oven cooking by using a fan to accelerate the circulation of the oven's hot air. • The Oven is made of glass, not metal, so that you can clearly see what you are cooking from all sides. • The Oven combines a circular bowl with a fan mounted in the lid so that hot air currents move down over the food, around the bowl's sides and then back up to the fan. This creates a tornado-like flow of constantly moving, super-heated air that cooks and browns food quickly and thoroughly. Consider these other benefits: 3 • Meat and poultry turn out brown and crisp on all sides, moist and juicy on the inside. • Sliced potatoes can be "air-fried" with a small amount of oil and will turn out crisp and golden brown. • Breads and pastries rise higher and turn out fluffier and moister than in a standard oven. • The Convection Oven thaws frozen foods quickly. • You can save up to 30 percent of the energy consumed by a standard oven. • The Convection Oven roasts - broils - bakes - steams food perfectly. • The Convection Oven cooks food in less time than the average oven. • Easy to operate - Just set time and temperature. • Hot air circulates around food, therefore, food cooks evenly. • The Convection Oven has a self-cleaning function. _BEFORE YOU BEGIN COOKING_ • The Convection Oven should be heated once before cooking with it. • While preparing the convection oven according to the following instructions, the oven will give off a slight burning odor. The convection oven is actually burning off excess lubricants and will not harm you or the convection oven. • Plug the electrical cord into an AC outlet. • Wipe the inside of the glass bowl with a damp sponge. • Secure lid on glass bowl. • Place the power handle in the horizontal position. • Turn the oven on. • Allow to cool for 5 minutes or until cool to the touch. • Wipe inside of the glass bowl with a damp sponge a second time. • NOW YOUR EASY COOK OVEN IS READY TO COOK YOUR FIRST MEAL! _HOW TO OPERATE THE CONVECTION OVEN_ • Plug one end of Power Cord into back of lid and the other in a standard AC outlet. • Place lower wire rack in the glass bowl of the convection oven. (Note: Use the lower rack for all recipes unless otherwise noted). Place food directly on rack unless otherwise specified. • Secure lid on glass bowl and place safety handle in the horizontal position. • Choose the cooking time and temperature, at this moment the oven will start operation and the indicator lights should light up. • When the cooking time is over, a beep will be sound. • If the safety handle is raised to a vertical position during cooking the heating element will shut off and the timer will slop. 4 CARE AND CLEANING NOTE: Never immerse the lid (motor unit) in water or other liquids. • Unplug the convection oven and let it cool. • Wipe lid and fan housing using a dishcloth or damp sponge with a mild dishwashing detergent. • Do not clean with steel wool pads or abrasive materi...


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