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User manual Altec Lansing, model ACS33BW

Manafacture: Altec Lansing
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CUSTOMER SERVICE The answers to most setup and performance questions can be found in the Troubleshooting guide. You can also consult the FAQs in the customer support section of our Web site at If you live in North America and still can’t find the information you need, please call our customer service team for assistance before returning the speakers to your retailer under their return policy. Tel: 800-258-3288 Email: csupport@alteclansing.com If you live outside of North America, please visit our website at and select your region to locate your country’s distributor. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check our Web site at © 2003 Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc. Designed and engineered in the USA and manufactured in our ISO9002 certified factory. United States Patents 4429181 and 4625328 plus other patents pending. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION International customers: For information regarding the distribution of Altec Lansing products in your country, please visit and click on your region. 1 Inputs ACS33BW Various connection schemes between your audio source and the speaker Three-Piece Powered Audio System Thank you for purchasing this Altec Lansing product. For generations, Altec Lansing has been first in audio innovation. Today, our line of powered speakers has received more performance awards than any other brand. In all kinds of desktop environments, in every price range, Altec Lansing offers sound of distinction — giving even the most demanding customers the audio enjoyment they seek. Just listen to this! Box Contents • Two speakers • One subwoofer • User’s guide Placing Speakers Subwoofer All stereo-encoded information is heard through the satellite speakers. The subwoofer contains no stereo imaging, and its sound is non-directional. As a result, the subwoofer doesn’t have to be placed in any particular relationship to the satellites. However, placing the subwoofer on the floor close to a wall or room corner provides better bass efficiency and optimum sound. Warning: The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded. As such, it SHOULD be placed at least 2 feet (0.6m) from TVs, computer monitors, computer hard drives or any other magnetic media (e.g. floppy disks, Zip disks, computer or audio tapes, etc.). Satellite Speakers Arrange the satellite speakers to suit your listening tastes — from right next to the monitor to as far apart as the speaker cords allow. For optimum sound, satellite speakers should be placed in a left/right configuration, preferably apart and at equal distance from the center of the listening area. This will offer the best stereo imaging and provide the most satisfying results. Note: The satellite speakers ARE magnetically shielded and can be placed close to video displays such as TVs and computer monitors without distorting the image. Making Connections Warning: Do not insert the speaker system’s power plug into a wall outlet until all connections are made. Also, turn off audio source (i.e., your PC, MP3 player, Sony PlayStation, etc.) before connecting the outputs to the speaker system’s inputs. To ensure first-time operation as expected, please carefully follow the connection sequences described below in the order indicated. Speaker System The satellites are connected together. To set-up the speaker system, insert the DIN connector (hardwired into the right satellite) into the input marked SPEAKER INPUT on the rear of the subwoofer. Notice that the DIN plug has an arrow. For easy insertion of the DIN connector, the arrow on the connector must face up. system are available. Determine if you’ll be setting up the speaker system for PC audio/PC gaming, DVD playback, console gaming or with portable audio devices (such as MP3 or portable CD players), then skip to the appropriate section. PC Audio/PC Gaming/DVD Playback All PC sound cards have audio outputs. Typically, the outputs will be marked as “front output” and “rear output.” In some cases, slightly different terminology may be used. The sound card’s documentation should help you determine which outputs to use with your speaker system. Connect the lime green 3.5mm stereo cable (hardwired into the right satellite) to the lime green input labeled “FRONT” on your sound card. Console Gaming (Requires the Console Gaming Y-Adapter, which is not included but can be purchased on our Web site at Most console game systems feature dual-RCA outputs. To connect your speakers, follow the steps below: 1. Make sure the power to your console gaming system is turned off. 2. The Console Gaming Y-Adapter has a lime green 3.5 mm stereo jack on one end and two RCA jacks on the other — one red and one white. 3. Connect the red and white RCA cable that came with your console gaming system to the matching red and white RCA jacks on the Console Gaming Y-Adapter. 4. Connect the lime green 3.5mm stereo cable (hardwired into the right satellite...

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