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User manual Kenwood, model DDX630W

Manafacture: Kenwood
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• When the unit is turned off, the device is disconnected. BLUETOOTH OPERATIONS (Only for DDX630WBT/DDX630WBTM) Bluetooth is a short-range wireless radio communication technology for the mobile device such as mobile phones, portable PCs, and other devices. The Bluetooth devices can be connected without cables and communicate with each other. Bluetooth operations Preparation: Be sure to connect Bluetooth adapter KS-UBT1 (supplied) and microphone (supplied) beforehand. ( . page 69 ) Bluetooth adaptor (KS-UBT1) Connecting Bluetooth devices Connecting Bluetooth devices Connecting a new Bluetooth device for the first time When you connect a Bluetooth device to the unit for the first time, make pairing between the unit and the device. Pairing allows Bluetooth devices to communicate each other. To make pairing, you may need to enter the For connecting a Bluetooth mobile phone is displayed. For connecting a Bluetooth audio player PIN (Personal Identification Number) code of your Bluetooth device you want to connect. • Once the connection is established, it is registered in the unit even if you reset the unit. Up to 5 devices can be registered in total. is displayed. • Only one device for Bluetooth phone and 2 Change the PIN code. one for Bluetooth audio can be connected • If you skip changing the PIN code, go at a time. to step 3. • To use the Bluetooth function, you need to On : turn on Bluetooth function of the device. • The maximum digit of the PIN code that can be set is 16. 1 Display the Bluetooth setting screen. On : Mobile phone On : PIN code (initial: 0000) Audio player PIN code (initial: 0000) Deletes last character DDX630WBT/DDX630WBTM/DDX630W/DDX630WM 3 4 • All registered devices (mobile phone and audio player) are listed on . – Selectable items depend on the 3 4 • All registered devices (mobile phone and audio player) are listed on . – Selectable items depend on the device you are operating. To disconnect Cancel 5 Operate the Bluetooth device A confirmation message appears. Press [Yes]. to connect. “Connected” appears. Press [OK] to confirm the operation. Deleting a registered Now connection is established and you Bluetooth device can use the Bluetooth device through the unit.1 On (. Step 2 on the left column): Connecting/disconnecting a registered Bluetooth device 1 Display the Bluetooth setting screen. (. page 46) 2 Select a device to delete the • For Bluetooth mobile phone: registration. • For Bluetooth audio player: 2 To connect Confirmation message appears. Press [Yes]. Select the device you want to connect. English Using the Bluetooth mobile phone Using the Bluetooth mobile phone Adjusting the volume of When a call comes in... microphone Receiving a call Call information Rejects the call (if acquired) Status of the device/Battery reminder (only when the information comes from the device) • Phone operation is not available while the picture from the rear view camera is displayed. (. page 38) When is set to The unit answers the incoming call automatically. (. page 54) Ending a call While talking... While talking... • This adjustment does not affect the volume level of the other sources. • To adjust the volume of calls/earpiece, use the volume knob on the monitor panel. Switching between handsfree mode and phone mode While talking... Each time you press the button, the talking method is switched ( : handsfree mode / : phone mode). Checking SMS reception If the mobile phone is compatible with SMS (Short Message Service), the unit tells you a message has been received. To read a received message, operate the mobile phone after stopping the car in a safe place. • You cannot read, edit, or send a message through the unit. DDX630WBT/DDX630WBTM/DDX630W/DDX630WM l Direct number entry Deletes last character 1 On : Presets the entered phone number on the preset list (. page 51) 2 Select a method to make a call. Hold: Adds “+” Phonebook/Call lists (. page 50) Preset list (For presetting, . page 51) Direct number entry (. the right column) Voice dialing (. the right column) • You can enter up to 32 numbers. Voice Dialing • Available only when the connected mobile phone has the voice recognition system. Speak the name you want to call. To cancel, press [Cancel]. English Using the phonebook/call lists Using the phonebook/call lists is not a letter or number, press [Others]. Outgoing From dialled call list. Incoming From received call list. Missed From missed call list. Phonebook From phonebook. • For copying the phonebook, . page 51. 3 Select a phone number from the list. To display the details of an entry When is selected... 1 Press the right arrow icon of an entry. To use the A-Z search on the phonebook 2 To make a call, select a phone number. When is selected, you can search by initial. 1 DDX630WBT/D...

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