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User manual Hyundai, model H-CDM8033

Manafacture: Hyundai
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Turn the volume knob to select between ON or OFF. Mute function Press the MUTE button to cancel the sound. Press it again or VOL +/ - to resume. Subwoofer control Press and hold the BAND/ SUB button to turn the Subwoofer output ON. An external amplifier is required to operate a subwoofer. Beep Sound Off function Press the VOLUME knob / SEL until “Beep On” is displayed. Turn the Volume knob to switch between Beep ON and OFF. 11 Equalizer setting Press the Volume button, until “EQ” indication is displayed then rotate the Volume knob to choose between the EQ sound effects: CLASS => POP => ROCK => FLAT. Clock display Press and hold the PTY/CLK button to display the clock, then press and hold the button until the hour blinks on the display. Rotate the VOL knob to set hours, then press the VOL knob for the minutes to blink and rotate the VOL knob to set. Press the PTY/CLK button again or leave the unit idle for new setting to effect. Press the PTY/CLK button anytime to view the time clock display. Radio operations BAND selection Press the BAND / SUB button repeatedly to select your desired radio band during RADIO mode: FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2. Each band can store 6 preset stations, for a total of 30 preset memory stations. Tuning In Radio mode press briefly m/»l buttons on the panel to manually adjust the radio frequency. Press and hold for 2 seconds m/»l buttons and radio will seek the next strong and clear frequency station. Repeat to seek more stations in your listening area with a strong signal. Mono/ Stereo control (in FM radio mode) Press the VOLUME knob / SEL button until the display shows “ST ON” or “ST OFF” (MONO). Turn the VOLUME knob to switch between ON or OFF. Improvement of reception of distant stations can be done by selecting “MONO” operation which may cut down some reception noise. Automatic store, Automatic scan During listening to the radio press and hold the F / PS button for more than 3 seconds. The receiver will automatically scan and save stations for the AM/FM bands. • Press the F / PS button once in Radio mode to scan the stations in all bands. Programming tuner stations You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory (18 FM, 12 AM), manually or automatically. • To store a station: • Select a band (if needed). 12 • Select a station by 4 / ► buttons. • Press and hold a numbered button (1-6) which you want store the station for at least 2 seconds. • To recall a station: • Select a band (if needed). • Press a Preset button (1-6) briefly to recall the stored station. RDS function During listening to radio or CD if there are any travel announcements from a nearly local station the radio will always know the frequency of that radio station. Then it will receive the station, turn up the volume or interrupt the playback of the music for the duration of the announcement. At the end of the announcement the radio will return to its previous state ready for the next announcement. Function AF (Alternative frequency) Press the AF button, the unit will choose the strongest FM signal for the selected station. When AF is on, RDS information is received. When AF is flashing, RDS information is not received yet. Function TA (Traffic announcement) Press the TA button, the unit will be active for reception of traffic announcement from local stations. To choose the TA mode press and hold the sound select button for 2 seconds, the display will show TA SEEK. Rotate the encoder volume to choose between the TA SEEK and TA ALARM, after choosing leave the unit idle for the mode to active. In TA SEEK mode the unit will seek for traffic announcement program when TA is pressed. In TA ALARM mode no TA / TP is displayed and the alarm is set off. Local radio station search Press the VOL KNOB / SEL BUTTON to choose and set the LOCAL function ON or OFF. When the LOCAL function is on the local stations (stations with weak radio signal) can be played. When the LOCAL function is off both local and distant stations (stations with strong radio signal) can be played. Press the button again to turn it of. PTY function Press the PTY / CLK button once to show the music type. Then press 1-6 button to choose the different music types available. Press the PTY / SLK button twice to show the speech type program. Then press 1-6 button to choose the different speech type program. Each number key will show 3 different speech program for you to choose. 13 Function Mask DPI- Mask all • Press the sound select button for 2 seconds. • Press the SEL button to cycle through to “Mask DPI”. • Rotate the encoder volume to toggle between MASK DPI and MASK ALL mode. • Leave the unit idle for the mode to take effect. During MASK DPI mode the unit will mask only the AF which has different PI, this is the default mode. During MASK ALL mode the unit will mask the AF which has different PI and no RDS signal with high field strength. Retune S / L - Short / Long function This function is t...

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