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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CDM1068

Manafacture: SoundMax
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File name: SoundMax-SM-CDM1068-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

Have a qualified technician check the system. - The unit is designed for negative terminal of the battery, which is connected to the vehicle metal. Please confirm it before installation. - Do not allow the speaker wires to be shorted together when the unit is switched on. Otherwise it may overload or burn out the power amplifier. - Do not install the detachable panel before connecting the wire. Remark: - In addition to normal audio CD, this unit can play CD-R and CD-R/W disc that contain audio tracks as well; however, depending on the conditions of the recording equipment, recording program or the CD-R as well as CD-R/W disc itself, some CD-R or CD-R/W may not play. 3 Installation/ Connections First complete the electrical connections, and then check them for correctness. Installation way It is an anti-theft installation way. The chassis wear a metal sliding housing. Please have the wiring connection of the power supply, speakers and antenna as for the requirement of the manual, and then install the metal sliding housing into the car according to the diagram. 4 TO INSTALL THE FRONT PANELBACK INTO THE UNIT CHASSIS, FIRSTIY INSTALL REMOVE AWAY 2 SCREWS FOR PROTECT THE RIGHT SIDE IF IT BACK INTO THE RIGHT THE DECK BEFORE OPERATING IT POSITION, THEN PUSH THE LEFT SIDE BACK TO THE UNIT CHASSIS TILLOK. RESET BUTTON PRESS RESET BUTTON TO RESUME THE DISTORTED PROGRAM WHEN THE LCD DISPLAY IMPROPERLY AND SOME BUTTONS ARE INVALID. TO INSERT DISC INTO COMPARTMENT OR EJECT DISC OUT jfrh* OF THE COMPARTMENT OR TAKE THE FRONT PANEL AWAY THE UNIT CHASSIS, PRESS THE OPEN BUTTON TO FLIP DOWN THE FRONT PANEL. 5 Speaker connection - In spite of having any kinds of speaker system, must use 4 ohms impedance of speaker to reduce the distortion during high volume level. - Prohibit to make the conductors of auto antenna and ground touch with each other. 6 Panel controls 1. OPEN BUTTON. Press it to flip down the front panel and you can insert the disc into the CD compartment or press the EJ button to eject the disc from the disc compartment. 2. MODE BUTTON. Press it to select RADIO or CD mode. 3. LCD (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY). 4. LOUD button. 7 5. PWR BUTTON. Press any button except the EJECT and OPEN button to turn on the unit, press PWR button hold for more than 0.5 seconds to turn off the unit. (After switching on the ACC POWER first time for 3 seconds, can only turn on the unit). 6. +/- / MENU/ ENTER/ SEL BUTTONS V-SEL/ MENU/ ENTER (SEL) and VOLUME UP/ DOWN, MENU UP/ DOWN. 7. MUTE BUTTON. Press the button to eliminate or resume the sound immediately. To resume the sound immediately, can also press MODE, BAND, +, -, LOUD, SEL button. 8. PRESET STATION [1-6] AND TOP / PLAY/PAUSE, INT, RPT, RDM BUTTONS. 5 and 6 buttons are assigned as 10 TRACK up/ down during normal play. During the MP3 or WMA disc playback press the 5 or 6 button to go to the previous or next folder. 9. AUTO-STORAGE/PRESET MEMORY SCAN BUTTON. 10. CLK button. Press the button to display the clock. 11. ST button. Press the button to switch over STEREO/ MONO modes. 12. BAND button. Press it repeatedly to select your desired radio band during RADIO mode. 13. UP/DOWN (<>) BUTTONS Tune up/ down, Seek up/ down, Track up/ down, Fast forward/ Reverse button. 8 Function of controls General operations Reset the unit Operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset the unit. Press OPEN button and remove the panel, then press the RESET button to restore the unit to the original factory settings. Power button Press any button except the OPEN button and EJECT (EJ) button to turn the unit on. Press the PWR to switch the unit off. Note: After the unit is off, the clock, volume level and radio current settings will be memorized, and when you turn the unit on it will resume the stored status which you set. Volume mode Press SEL button shortly and repeatedly to select sound mode VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE, FADER. Press + or - button to adjust level of the selected sound mode: - VOL: 00, 02,......, 44, 46 - BASS/TREB: -6, -5,......, 0, +1, +2,......+ 5, +6 - BAL: 12L, 11L,......, L=R, 1R,......,12R - FAD: 12R, 11R,......, R=F, 1F,......, 12F NOTE: Adjustments to Bass and Treble will override any preset EQ (Preset Equalizer Curves). In each mode, the waiting time is about 5 seconds, and the waiting time is over, it returns to the last display mode of radio or disc playback mode. Menu mode Press the button SEL and hold more than 2 seconds to enter menu mode, then press SEL button shortly and repeatedly to select: EQ, CLK FORMAT, TIME, AREA, VOL PGM, BEEP, CLK ON LCD in the sequence and circulation. After select the desired mode, press + or - button shortly and repeatedly to select the mode of the selected item. EQ: Press the +/- button to adjust the EQ mode as follows: EQ OFF, FLAT, CLAS, ROCK, POP. 9 CLK FORMAT: 12H will be displayed by default if the frequency area switc...


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